Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.

When friends asked me out for the new year counting down today(Dec.31st),I thought I would do it tomorrow(Jan.!st).I could not believe I could be that stupid sometimes.Just after Lui's really early new year greeting text,I got more.hehe,it seemed that they favored do it in advance and couldn't wait for just a few more hours to a more proper time.

I am patient when it comes to festivals.I don't feel like celebrating too early.And when it comes down to New Year's Day,I think it's sorta awkward here in China,even if we get 3 days off(before we just got one).Moreover, it's not as joyful as Xmas,nor as festive as Spring Festival,we don't know how to celebrate it except big meal and shopping.

But officially it's time for everybody to make a wish for the New Year,without holding back any desires.What would I want?hmm...I hope world peace,no hunger,good things for the rain-forest.LOL.I always think that once you say out your wish,it'll hardly come true.But somehow I've got the starnge feeling that something great would happen to me in the coming few weeks.I'm so looking forward to it though it's probably just a fantasy.

Gotta be off for a big meal with my lovely friends and my first time new year counting down.See you next year.^^