Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everybody!
The weather today is as gloomy as my mind.I don't know why but when festival comes,everybody else gets excited and has a plan,I can't help feeling a little down.Maybe I do know the reason but am not stout enough to reveal it./..\

In order to make myself les pathetic,I chose to go to IKEA with XiaoY.Though all I found there that had leopard print was a giraffe doll,but IKEA is reallly something to me because it made me feel like falling in love with a hypothetical guy.LOL.Guys,listen up.If you plan to propose,please take your right girl to IKEA as warming-up.Success rate of 98% is guaranteed.^^But I was sensible enough to tell that.IKEA has one of those "cheerleader effect"--when you see the whole team doing something together,they seem gorgeous and fabulous;but when you watch them individually,you may find they're just so-so.

(IKEA sign)

("our" living room)

( me and my hypothetical husband's bedroom.^^)
(my hypothetical husband's study)

(my hypothetical study)

("our" dining room)
("our" kid's room^^)
(a room for me when "we" have a fight.LOL)

Speaking of cheerleader,someone described a beer-saling girl as a cheerleader.Until then I totally knew his conception of "sexy" woman(which I didn't think highly of).Well,I shouldn't be judgemental but I finally know the aesthetic differences between men and women that they don't think much of inner beauty but just focus on their good shape or those cheap slutty clothes,or expensive clothes that look cheap.I think men have a innate problem about that.No wonder those girls who are classified as horrible creatures by us change their boyfriends one after another.(But do gay share the same problem?)

I had a Xmas hotpot dinner with abcDefg.I loved it but wasn't sure that alien friend liked it or not because he mentioned that he'd grab a wife cake(which I thought wife) for several times.Anyway,I should thank him because it's really something for me to be invited to celebrate such a big day.For me,what festival is it is not a big deal but it's big deal that who you celebrate it with.If you can be with someone you regard as somebody,everyday could be a festival.After dinner,I saw the pizzahut delivery bike on campus.hehe,looks like everybody's having fun.

It seems that quite a few people are suffering from diarrhea at Christmas,at least I know three by now.It's funny because I always think diarrhea is a kind of child disease.Even if I had the tendency to have it,I killed it in the cradle - SEIROGAN /喇叭牌正露丸(orange one) or Po Chai Pills/保济丸(red one).