Saturday, December 6, 2008

another Saturday~

I showed the photos of Beijing to my mom but the first thing she asked me was "why didn't you take more pics of yourself".I knew it,I knew she would ask it.Many Chinese people go traveling and take all pics of the themselves and scenery are just background.They are like--in the car SLEEP;off the car PEE;at the view point SAY CHEESE;back home EMPTY-MINDED.I think they have wasted their money and time.Mom said it looked like there were not many people there in Beijing but god know how hard it was for me to take pics away from that huge crowd of people.whew~

My mom said me she missed me very much though I texted her everyday in Beijing.But to be honest,I didn't miss her that much.I should be ashamed of myself but while traveling,I felt like that I left all the trouble behind and kinda forgot my own life.I even felt strange when friends texted me for greeting.No wonder people try to relax themselves by traveling.But I don't wanna be that sort of person who travel the whole world in search of novelty,because I think if you have too much intention of doing something,you cannot realize the beauty of it.

Mr.Zhuo who I met in Beijing.He also lives in Shenzhen and his home is so closed to mine in Futian.He once studied in Beijing Normal University and Tsinghua University and now he's a member of non-communist party.BTW,he once climbed up to the summit of Mount Everest.He mentioned lightly how the Cultural Revolution and the 1989-6-4 affected his life but I was impressed secretly.I forgot to talk about Tsinghua Uni in previous posts--I visited it and it was like a dream coming true as I knew I was not qualified to a Tsinghua student.Tsinghua is much larger than SZU.The dormitories there are beautiful and old-timey though the conditions inside are not so good as those in my dorm.What impressed me deeply about Tsinghua is not the constructures but the students.When I walked on the campus,I heard many groups of students talking--all of them talked about nothing but school work which didn't happen in my uni.But these two situations are so extreme.We should learn from each other.

I heard the sad news when I got back.A senior student in my uni suicided by hanging herself the other day.Though I cannot put myself in her position because I never thought about suicide,but that girl was too selfish.How desperate could would her life be desperate that she had to do that?She didn't consider the feelings of her parents and friends but just left all problems to them.If your job's joke,you're broke,your love life is DOA,please go to Africa and be a volunteer.It should help you appreciate your and other people's lives.