Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.

When friends asked me out for the new year counting down today(Dec.31st),I thought I would do it tomorrow(Jan.!st).I could not believe I could be that stupid sometimes.Just after Lui's really early new year greeting text,I got more.hehe,it seemed that they favored do it in advance and couldn't wait for just a few more hours to a more proper time.

I am patient when it comes to festivals.I don't feel like celebrating too early.And when it comes down to New Year's Day,I think it's sorta awkward here in China,even if we get 3 days off(before we just got one).Moreover, it's not as joyful as Xmas,nor as festive as Spring Festival,we don't know how to celebrate it except big meal and shopping.

But officially it's time for everybody to make a wish for the New Year,without holding back any desires.What would I want?hmm...I hope world peace,no hunger,good things for the rain-forest.LOL.I always think that once you say out your wish,it'll hardly come true.But somehow I've got the starnge feeling that something great would happen to me in the coming few weeks.I'm so looking forward to it though it's probably just a fantasy.

Gotta be off for a big meal with my lovely friends and my first time new year counting down.See you next year.^^

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it rained.

I got a post card from a friend who is studying in Guangzhou now.It's good to get surprise but what touched me most is that she actually keeps my address.Bad penmenship still though.LOL.

Another friend got her Xmas holidays and just came back from US and we finally got to meet each other today.I was given another special gift--a box of "greeting cards".It's used by parents giving to their kids.They may put one in kids' lunch package to inspire them.She said it would help me to be a virtuous mother down the road.LOL.Every single card is sealed so it definitely could be a daily mystery for kids.I unsealed one of them and it said "Dreams come a size too big so that you can grow into them".How sweet~

Before she came back,we chatted on msn.She said she could buy a iPhone for me at the price of 2000 RMB or so.Well,I didn't expect that I need to change my cellphone now so I said no.But I don't like mobile without keyboard,and after watching the following pic,I thinkI made the right call.I kind like Nokia N81 now but I have to w-a-i-t.

Monday, December 29, 2008


It's Monday but I stayed at home because no class and no mood of hitting the books.Instead,I was planning to visit the new Shenzhen Museum not far from my home but I didn't know it wasn't opened today and got a cold shoulder.After walking around the civic centre for a minutes,I decided to visit GuanShanYue Art Museum(关山月美术馆) but I got another cold-shoulder.Is Monday a day off for those public facilities or what?I had to go climbing the LianHua Mountain(莲花山) beside but it wasn't a bad idea.There was some sort of activity going there--retrospection for the past 30 years.

I went to this mountain for uncountable times but most of them were during night time.It looked the same except people who flying kites.I saw different kinds of kites.Woo~I haven't done this for a long time.I am old indeed.There were still many people there,so it meant that people could be free to have fun on Monday.But why I got cold-shoulders?Monday was bizarre.
(haha,found a old lady wearing leopard print)

Later,I went to a Catholic church for a research on "does church open on Monday".But I failed because I chikened out.I didn't dare to enter.I felt scared,imagining that some holy safeguards would chunk me away roughly.And I didn't know why I worried something like that.

After the Catholic one,I headed for a Christian church,but still didn't get nerve to go in there.But the Christian church looked more elegant,maybe it was because of its white colour and it got a bigger Xmas tree.

I found a note from a man dropped on the stairs.There were some wishes from him.Maybe he was gonna say that to God or god father.

But just when I started to smell holy,I saw several clothes being dried on the short trees.What a mood killer~
When I got home,I found many old people were playing mah-jong in the open air.Since when do all the old people begin to do this ON MONDAY?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

bao zi day.

I forgot to mention that I had dinner at Sarina's home yeasterday.It was the first time I had dinner in foreign friend's home,though we had Chinese food cooked by her Chinese nanny.But I had a very special water over there.It's called Seltzer.It was just pure water but felt like coke when in mouth.She got some sort of mechine to process pure water like that.It's amazing~I want one also.^^

And it's Sunday today.Mom made bao zi again.I don't wannna call it dumplings in English because it's too sweeping.Okay,see what we got first:leaven dough,mushroom,meat,cabbage and steel steamer.

(mom is rolling them)


nothing's up

Fnished sleep without any dream,I woke up and found it rained,finally,after several days of muggy and gloomy.I sorta like this kind of weather because it makes me feel calm.But if my memory works,somebody doesn't feel calm,Dr.G should be on his way to his paradise now.But I didn't tell him not to get his hopes up because the paradise there sucks.Or maybe he would enjoy it.Who knows.

Occasionally I mentioned two of my roommates.Actually I have three but I dislike the other one.But we didn't have a fight or a heart-to-heart talk because she isn't worth wasting my energy.I haven't talked to her for a long time and she should know I have an issue with her.Everytime she meant to accost or cut in my conversation,I just stopped short talking.It's not easy to get on my nerve(relax,Lui^^) but she succeeded.Being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.But I absolutely tire of her superficiality.I was wondering how could people like her survive?In what way her parents raise her up that could make her such a horrible person?Well,I won't make it big deal any more because anger killed a cat.

I know totally about Cantonese but I barely speak it to my friends because I didn't strike them as a Cantonese person.One thing led to another,I don't think I speak it very well by now.But this semester,I took a course out of my major class and met a new friend.She kept speaking Cantonese to me at the very start we met.I felt reluctant talking to her in Cantonese and indicated that I was more a Putinghua person but she still did the same thing thing to me.I figured,well,Cantonese it is.And I found that I spoke Cantonese freely in front of her,even with some err.However,I still cannot nerve myself to do that to my friends.I was surprisingly aware that I actually couldn't be myself with my friends at some points.So that's why some people leave home,meet new friends to be who they want to be.So maybe those social people are the unconfident ones because they're desperately making different new friends to set up different figures to cover up their fear.Therefore,they don't have a tight group.

Just blogged something about adult movies the other day,and now a Japanese porn star is said to kill herself.Well,she did it,she's more famous than before.It reminded me of a rough quote I just read--Life is like pooing.Sometims you exert the utmost strength,but it turns out just a fart.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

a day of everything

We sophomore sat an exam this morning.Just 30 min ago,the freshman finished theirs.You may also see that huge amount of people in mess hall at lunch time.^^I should have gone meeting WangZ after the exam but we took a rain check.
Instead,I went helping that boy(my roomate's mother's friend's son) with his English.I'm not good at Grammar but I think I made a good teacher.But that boy didn't do well in English,so we made slow progress.Good thing that he was talkative like children his age,so I kinda got a breath.Little boy still,he actually tended to keep checking on my chest.Well,12 years old --it's pretty much the age already.GUYs are the mystery creatures indeed~
(Reading his English exercise,I felt dragged back to middle school.)
Later the afternoon,I was invited to Sarina's home because her mother just came from Germany.Her mother looked very young but it's too bad that she couldn't speak English,nor me German.All we could do was smiling.Kids were adorable as they used to be and I got a cute Xmas present,a box of German chocolate.Shame that I don't like chocolate but I like the cute green packing with a santa.^^
Later I got a call from Lui on my way back to uni.We had a chit-chat like bitches(hahahaha) but he must have be a tough bitch since he hadn't got any day off for a whole month.We talked for a while and just when I hanged up the call,I couldn't help but wonder why everybody else was busier than me.I mean,I barely cancelled appointment and I'm always ready for chit-chat.Am I too available?And if being available makes me a little pathetic.Am I supposed to get busy,at least pretend to be busy?I don't know.

Friday, December 26, 2008

relaaaaxing Friday.

"Configuration error.Please contact your network operator or service centre."---my cellphone sucker than before and I kinda see its the inevitable hour coming.So now,I can only do two things with my cellphone-phonecalls and texts.Well,you may think that's enough but what if I tell you I can only receive and reply new texts which means I'm not allowed to check my inbox.

After watching so many American sitcomes,what impressed me most is the answering machine.I love that magic machine but I never got the chance to see the reality,not to mention using them.I suppose it feels good to pop the voice message,even some annoying ones.Sometimes,the old-fashioned things can be great.And if reading in bed is another version of old-fashioned,I'm gonna be a old-fashioned girl in winter.I got a folding table and put it on my bed of my dorm.It's convenient and is suitable with laptop.^^

Well,since I prefer desktop than laptop,I found a genius desltop table in IKEA yesterday.It pinches farthest the space of your room.(but the heat outputing should be a problem.)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everybody!
The weather today is as gloomy as my mind.I don't know why but when festival comes,everybody else gets excited and has a plan,I can't help feeling a little down.Maybe I do know the reason but am not stout enough to reveal it./..\

In order to make myself les pathetic,I chose to go to IKEA with XiaoY.Though all I found there that had leopard print was a giraffe doll,but IKEA is reallly something to me because it made me feel like falling in love with a hypothetical guy.LOL.Guys,listen up.If you plan to propose,please take your right girl to IKEA as warming-up.Success rate of 98% is guaranteed.^^But I was sensible enough to tell that.IKEA has one of those "cheerleader effect"--when you see the whole team doing something together,they seem gorgeous and fabulous;but when you watch them individually,you may find they're just so-so.

(IKEA sign)

("our" living room)

( me and my hypothetical husband's bedroom.^^)
(my hypothetical husband's study)

(my hypothetical study)

("our" dining room)
("our" kid's room^^)
(a room for me when "we" have a fight.LOL)

Speaking of cheerleader,someone described a beer-saling girl as a cheerleader.Until then I totally knew his conception of "sexy" woman(which I didn't think highly of).Well,I shouldn't be judgemental but I finally know the aesthetic differences between men and women that they don't think much of inner beauty but just focus on their good shape or those cheap slutty clothes,or expensive clothes that look cheap.I think men have a innate problem about that.No wonder those girls who are classified as horrible creatures by us change their boyfriends one after another.(But do gay share the same problem?)

I had a Xmas hotpot dinner with abcDefg.I loved it but wasn't sure that alien friend liked it or not because he mentioned that he'd grab a wife cake(which I thought wife) for several times.Anyway,I should thank him because it's really something for me to be invited to celebrate such a big day.For me,what festival is it is not a big deal but it's big deal that who you celebrate it with.If you can be with someone you regard as somebody,everyday could be a festival.After dinner,I saw the pizzahut delivery bike on campus.hehe,looks like everybody's having fun.

It seems that quite a few people are suffering from diarrhea at Christmas,at least I know three by now.It's funny because I always think diarrhea is a kind of child disease.Even if I had the tendency to have it,I killed it in the cradle - SEIROGAN /喇叭牌正露丸(orange one) or Po Chai Pills/保济丸(red one).