Friday, December 12, 2008

I visited Sarina this afternoon.They just came back from America and seemed to have a great time.No job,good husband,good kids,she's living a life which every woman's looking forward to.Since she lived in a garden which has many foreigners,almost all the kids I saw were not Chinese.And just at that moment,I found that I don't like people too blonde.Looking at those little blonde kids,to be honest,they were not cute to me.

Sarina's little boy who just became 2 years old on Tuesday is a a very friendly and is extremely adorable.He's so young but he lives with Chinese,German and English.I'm sure he's no problem with it.I wish he would never grow up,never got a girlfriend.Even I have a feeling like this,not to mention his mom.Aw~kids would do nothing but break your heart.

On my way back to uni,I got msgs from D.He always caught me at a good time.Actually I was planning to ask him out for tomorrow lunch as making up.The "blank text" accident happened to D,again.I supposed he had an issue with me.I wish when he complained to his friends, he would avoid the word "b**ch".I prefer "loser".Well,I admit that I have exaggerated it a little bit but he may not fit the society's defination of perfectionist while he is.However,it was always highlight of my week to hang out with him,like movie this week.As a workholic,he's not a joker and never puts his ego aside.But since I'm not related with "work",he even felt free to play the scooter and became a sweet little innocent D.

We might both be seen as eccentrics,but in a good way.