Tuesday, December 23, 2008

random thought

It's quite cold today.Thick clothes made me look fat...ter but hey I'm not game enough to follow those Japanese girls.One of my roommates has a elder brother,and she is always blahing "my brother this...my brother that".She once told us her brother never saw adult films.I doubted it.I mean,come on,even I'd keep an eye on those short-skirt slutty girls,say nothing of those amative guys.If a guy never watches x-rated movies,he must have a problem or something.But then again if he's watched too many,he must have a problem too.Like a guy friend of mine,all he could say in Japanese is "yamete".Ewwwww~/..\

Friends who weren't close to me before says I look unapproachable before we're friends.I never gave people favourable first-impression.So if first impressions are most lasting,I screwd it up many times.Why did I start to talk abou this thing is because I ran into one of my primary school classmatesa a few days ago.She recognized me first and screamed out like a drama queen.I was surprised,too.We hadn't met since graduated from primary school.But seven years later,what she first said to me is "you didn't change at all".So "didn't change"--either because I already looked old when I was young or I still don't know how to turn myself a girl into a woman.Which is worse?I can't decide.Anyway,it's great to meet former classmates because it could make me feel like a child again.

Someone heard I went to Beijing not long ago and insisted me going with her again.Well,it's predictable that I denied it.Just after a few weeks,but it feels that my Beijing trip happened a long time ago.And though it was just a few days in Beijing,I really learnt a lot--Beijing is a good place to travel but I'll never move there.Yea,it's been our capital like forever and we've danced to its tune all along.Even foreign media use "Beijing government" instead of "Chinese gorvernment".However,I was so fed up with those commentary of those legacy which says "it was used by the emperor to blah-lah-lah".And the worse is that Beijing is becoming more and more nondescript because of the restore thing,the fake painted wall,the Olympic carry-over......How could some foreign people still say "Beijing is unbelievable great" by now.I think those foreigners are just faking that they know Beijing just because they've been there.

That'll be just too sad if you wanna know or you think you already know CHINA merely from Beijing,a city over influenced by imperial power in the past and over commercialized at present.Maybe many people would confront it with me and think that " you haven't really traveled the world yet,how dare you say something like that".Well, I know I haven't but I'll get around to it someday.And in the meantime, I can still broaden my perspective as much as possible.I can still be worldly without a passport,can't I?

The following video is soooo rude but funny,but you have to understand Cantonese or you can't get it.