Thursday, August 20, 2009

write up on Beijing (2)

It's not a tourist guidance blog,so I'm not listing out those do's And don'ts on my trip in Beijing.And if you're interested,all the places of interest are googleable.So,I'll just put my pictures here.

Peking University

I wasn't allowed to enter the campus last time I visited it.But this time,it was totally open and I could even rent a bike there.Other than that,different kinds of souvenir were available,say poker of Peking University.^^

National Centre for the Performing Arts

 (Bad weather still.)

the Great Hall of the People

(Advanced security check.)

(Very Communist.hehe)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"insects feast" in hometown


I spent the Spring Festival this year in my hometown,Lianyungang,Jiangsu Province.And I revisited it this summer.This time I stayed more closed to the countryside,so I got the chance to taste the rural life.Unlike other Chinese people,no matter where I visit,the first thing I ask is not food.I prefer homemade dishes.But folks in hometown are always hospitable,there's no chance they would "release" me,as long as they can get that "one of highest-protein foods" - insects.(still chilling)

Well,I had heard of the insects dishes,like ants.Folks told me how they caught and cooked those locusts years ago when locusts wreaked havoc.They kept describing how tasty those fried insects were.I threw up inside but didn't show it.Maybe I hid it too well,folks actually prepared the "insects feast" for me.Just for your information,those insects are not so easy to get as before,so it must have cost them much which forced me to accept their hospitality.*SIGH* - this story tells us being Chinese can be really weary.

WARNING: The Following Pictures are very graphic. Discretion is strongly advised.

 young cicadas | 蝉、知了

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

 baby bees & bees | 蜂蛹,蜜蜂

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

 silkworm | 蚕宝宝

.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°.·°∴ ☆..·°

Welcome to my world~And I actually had them.Ewwww,I loathe myself.But look on the bright side,I didn't have fried dragonflies or fried cockroaches(that's sick!!!)......Okay,endless EWwwww!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

write up on Beijing (1)

I'm back,after 20+ days travelling - 10 days in Beijing, 3 days in Shanghai, 3 days in Nanjing and one week in my hometown Lianyungang. It didn't feel that long when I came back. I told myself it might be the last summer holidays to be carefree and crazy, so I packed my bag and set off on my own. Thinking it back, I miss those days I moved alone. As long as you're travelling, you wouldn't feel lonely even if you have no company. Something has been bothering me since I came back. I was really not in the mood for blog. I wish I hadn't come back so soon. There's no special someone waiting for me anyway. Well,I'm supposed to say something positive. Let me start over. I find it's really hard to write up from memory after so many days, but good thing that I had pictures and twitter.

Destination 1: Beijing

Beijing's still too big to maintain and you'll never get enough security checks there. I went there last November. But in Summer, Beijing gives you a different impression, say the terrible air pollution. I don't know whether it was the Year of Olympics last year or my last visit was in winter, I didn't catch a glimpss of haze. But this time,I was so shocked by the low visibility. I stayed there for 10 days, basically 9 of them were gloomy.






Luckily, I got the chance to taste the local Beijing yoghourt. You can get one for ¥1.5-¥4. You have to finish it and return the bottle before you leave. If you wanna keep the bottle you gotta pay more.

 We're all familiar with KFC, but do you know what the hell is a "KFC Select" is? Come to Beijing, and you'll figure it out.(It's located at Zhongguancun.)

To be continued...