Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it rained.

I got a post card from a friend who is studying in Guangzhou now.It's good to get surprise but what touched me most is that she actually keeps my address.Bad penmenship still though.LOL.

Another friend got her Xmas holidays and just came back from US and we finally got to meet each other today.I was given another special gift--a box of "greeting cards".It's used by parents giving to their kids.They may put one in kids' lunch package to inspire them.She said it would help me to be a virtuous mother down the road.LOL.Every single card is sealed so it definitely could be a daily mystery for kids.I unsealed one of them and it said "Dreams come a size too big so that you can grow into them".How sweet~

Before she came back,we chatted on msn.She said she could buy a iPhone for me at the price of 2000 RMB or so.Well,I didn't expect that I need to change my cellphone now so I said no.But I don't like mobile without keyboard,and after watching the following pic,I thinkI made the right call.I kind like Nokia N81 now but I have to w-a-i-t.