Friday, December 26, 2008

relaaaaxing Friday.

"Configuration error.Please contact your network operator or service centre."---my cellphone sucker than before and I kinda see its the inevitable hour coming.So now,I can only do two things with my cellphone-phonecalls and texts.Well,you may think that's enough but what if I tell you I can only receive and reply new texts which means I'm not allowed to check my inbox.

After watching so many American sitcomes,what impressed me most is the answering machine.I love that magic machine but I never got the chance to see the reality,not to mention using them.I suppose it feels good to pop the voice message,even some annoying ones.Sometimes,the old-fashioned things can be great.And if reading in bed is another version of old-fashioned,I'm gonna be a old-fashioned girl in winter.I got a folding table and put it on my bed of my dorm.It's convenient and is suitable with laptop.^^

Well,since I prefer desktop than laptop,I found a genius desltop table in IKEA yesterday.It pinches farthest the space of your room.(but the heat outputing should be a problem.)