Saturday, February 28, 2009

what this Sat all about.

I hanged out with Lui today.It had been two months since last time I met him.We'd been catching up with each other tho.As a spender,he recommended some restaurant at Mix City.I always get my money's worth but sometimes I live it up like what other young gals do.However,it turned out a nice place with good value.We had the cook cook right in front of us which was so interesting that we even didn't feel like talking.We ordered a bottle of beer and I totally overestimated my capacity for liquor.Just a cup of  beer made my face red.Then Lui said something witty,"......wild before drink,red after drink.You're like a shrimp."^^I couldn't quite recall when the last time I was at Mix City but it didn't change at all--as extravagant as before.

There's a supermarket in Mix City called Ole.Most of goods there are imported,so they're all expensive~"Can you imagine drinking pure water with a 400 RMB glass?"In addition to the extravagant price,we found something awfully surprising--they sell crocodile meat there with a real crocodile as a symbol.Well,I didn't mention I ever had pangolin soup before.
I had my first "jelly beans" later.They tasted just like normal candy,nothing special.Don't know why American people are so obsessed with them tho.
Since there were many posers(who brought laptops and sat there like attending to numerous affairs which couldn't be put off to next minute) at Startbucks as usual,we had to grab a coffee and sat on steps outside.Lui told me he'd been working on his book for a while.The book's gonna be about his life in China.He took out his notebook and pen as some idea came.
It's great that you're life is fabulous enough to be written in a book.I think people won't become as nice as Lui or Sarina until they've gone through a hard time.They're supportive and positive because they already know how to be open-minded to anything. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Say hi to the beach.

It was totally a good idea to go to the beach yesterday,neither too hot nor cold.When I left Nanshan,it was sunny and hot but when I got to Futian,it turned gloomy.So I wasn't surprised when we got rain in Shatoujiao.Good thing that it didn't rain on the beach,so I only got my feet wet.As walking on the beach and dipping feet in the seawater,I found myself knowing the word "踏浪" better.
There were barely any people there because it's not technical summer yet.You couldn't see men with big belly,women in bikini,or many people swimming closely like dumplings boiling,everything seemed so "harmonious".Lying on the rock,I didn't feeling like opening my or even talking.It was like living an empty life.

(I tried this which cost me 10 RMB.Not expensive,not exciting*to me*.)

(I quite like the following pic.The couple kinda posed for my camera.^^)

Here comes the mood killer.The following "birdmen" were redefined by me from different points of view.

1:Hilary Cliton was waving to her constituencies;
2:He/she was going to turn a somersault.
3:He/she was smelling some part of his/her body.I suppose I don't have to point out which part.(LOL.I'm so mean~)


1:Two Japanese warriors just gave each other the strongest attack with katanas.
2:They were playing basketball.The green one just did a crossover.
3:The blue one was dragging the green to something juicy.

When I was on the bus back,I passed by Diwang Tower and I think I took the most fantastic pic of it.Then I made up a lame quote:you'll never be too high to hide.^^I had a good time yesterday even there were only two girls hanging out.She said it was great to .But I don't think we were actually relaxes--if only one day I go to the beach without cellphone,without iPod,without camera,then I'll say I do have a carefree moment.So I think everyone is capable to relax them wherever they are,as long as you have a peaceful state of mind.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the second day

I didn't mean to make my blog a photoblog,because "photos lie"(which used to be my blog title).But lately I found myself posting with quite a few photos,don't know whether it's good though.Anyway,it's the second day of the new semester.So good so far.But a classmate is off to Italy next week and is gonna stay there for 5 months.Not familiar with her tho,I'm looking forward to her report when she's back.
The following is my resolution for the new start.Frankly,I hardly listed my goals even in high school.I'm too casual,I think.Not sure if I would make it,but "the shortest answer is doing".
There's a new building around my uni.I'm able to see it in one of our classrooms.BUT I think it looks so like an electric razor.
Just finished a book during the boring ancient Chinese class.Its name is "The boy in the striped pyjamas".I felt too sad about the story,really sad.I almost cried while reading the ending.World peace,please!!!
I had another hotpot yesterday.It was a new way to do it--everyone has their own pots but sits closely.It felt good but it didn't mean I don't like sharing~Okay,diet is on...again.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

post at the New semester's Eve.

It's gonna be the first day of the new semester tomorrow.I have been looking forward to it for a while because I think the winter vacation is too long.But just when it's about to start,I find I'm not organized.Like this weekend,I had to squeeze some time for some occasions.
1.This is one page of a boy's homework.It reminded me of my life back in middle school.It was torturing. >_<
2.Later that afternoon,I went shopping in Huaqiangbei/华强北.And I noticed a special sales shop--women inside picking their favorite,men ouside waiting with a dim look.Finally,I found out it was a shop for BRAs.
3.Me and my friend Su had dinner in a restaurant named Rose which was recommended by her.It was the first time I realised that I could be that clumsy when had western-style food.I was so clumsy that I had to ask for a pair of chopsticks.Almost fainted~ ><
4.A new Drink shop just opened in my neighbourhood.It tasted soooo good and that's why my bonus card is practically full of prints.I'm a loyal customer~
phew~The new semester's eve is going to an end.I never show great resolution to anything but I do hope that more fancy things happen to me and I am not repentant of nothing in this new semester.

take it easy,little Shuo.

Never count on your girl friends if they're not single,because they have the total right to be NOT available for YOU.Like last night,I was stood up and ended up having dinner in my dorm alone. I felt somewhat lost and had to listen to some stupid but hilarious radio programmes to cheer myself up.I seldom write down words about my feeling about relationship because I don't wanna make me a needy girl.

I suppose one of the reasons that make me feel down lately is that Sarina's moving back to Germany with her family.When she told me about it on the phone,I was still in my hometown.It totally striked a damp over me.It was like that there was a bing in my head and I wasn't able to get rid of it..She tried to not cry on the phone but I felt my heart empty.She's been talking about moving to another country at some point but I didn't expect it coming so fast.Good thing that she's going to her own country,then I'm less worried.I recalled what Lui told me that he was probably leaving here after a few months and my new British friend would also leave here later.They're my new friends but if I actually would lost them together so soon,I swear to hate 2009 like I never hate before.

I should've visited her as soon as I came back but I was scared of that kind of atmosphere because I knew I would cry.The other day,I went to see Sarina and her adorable kids eventually.We tried to keep that topic away from our conversation,but just a little tendency to it,we found us tearful.Five years ago,she was the woman who didn't feel like coming to China,however,she's not willing to leave here now.I know she may be "home"sick by then.She totally opened her heart and decided to told me more about her life story.I was so touched and was trying to blink back the tears.She said I was a special girl but I thought she was a legend indeed.
(Her little girl,Sarah.)

(Little boy,Fabian.)
(My tiny hand.)

Well,one of the best things to be out of a relationship is that you have enough time to not only catch up with your friends but also your teacher.^^Ms,Zhu,one of my favourite teachers of my class just gave birth to her first baby.I didn't know whether it was appropriate but just texted and called at her.She looked great and the baby looked just fine.No offence,tut as we all know,new babies barely look cute.>_< Later I asked my mom if she was freaked out when she first saw me,she answered "a little".LOL.

I scheduled the trip to Yunnan/云南,Jiuzhaigou/九寨沟 and Hangzhou/杭州 but many details remained to be settled down.In addition to the saving up thing,it's a problem that I have to drag someone keeping me company.Travelling alone?I'm not that cool yet.Well,after dropping by Shekou,I'm looking forward to getting some fresh air and am planning to go to the beach.

(Shot in Sarina's hause)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

previous in my life.

1.I passed my primary school when visited my friend living around Lianhuabei/莲花北.It looked different and somehow much smaller.The pupils there were wearing Red scarf for Young Pioneer as I did but they were no longer wearing the same uniforms as ours.To be honest,I can't quite recall my life in primary school and that six years seem to pass by in a flash.

2.The next day,I dropped by Litchi Park/荔枝公园 where I hadn't been for quite a few years,though it's not far from my home.It was as crowded as it used to be and old people were fairly an important part.
3.Earlier this week,I paid a visit to Helena's home.
Well,frankly I wasn't there for her but for her adorable dog Peter.Peter was cute and chubby.But since it's already spring,he was being ruttish from time to timeI knew it was normal for dogs,but I really didn't feel confortable with the rut thing.I suppose I won't have a male dog.Well,I'm not even quite sure whether I will have a dog since I like animals but not taking care of them.Will it make me a horrible person?>_<