Friday, December 5, 2008

little thought from little shuo

In addition to thosethat I wrote down in the last post,I'm gonna tell more about what I went through in Beijing.
I couldn't help speaking like Beijinger,especially when talked to the local.It was easy to aware the language difference.Aside from the accents,we choose different word for the same thing.But it was not a problem because we understand both.It gave me a release about English--there are differences even in our mother tongue,so we don't have to try very hard to memorize both British and American vocabularies.

As a ancient capital,Beijing has a great city layout according to the fengshui.As I saw on the plane,all roads in Beijing lay in order and they look like some sort of the Eight Diagrams.Moreover,it feels no regret to call Beijing the Kingdom of Bicycles.They have even made out a special path for bicycles from the street.However,it's imppossible for me to take bicycles as souvenir.It's very difficult to buy souvenir--I can buy anything in SZ,and maybe at low price.I suppose all those souvenirs are made from Shenzhen.And Shenzhen's definitly a fabulous place to enjoy every kind of food,even if authentic roast duck.

All the food I had were okay but not as good as it in Shenzhen.Well,people in Guangdong are known as bold gastrosoph because they dare to eat anything(no wonder SARS was more serious in Guangdong).I could see that they tried to cater to us but they were supposed to practise more.^^I was told that don't get your hope up for the service in Beijing and it turned out to be right.Maybe I was spoiled in Shenzhen but waiters and taxi drivers in Beijing are so gonna improve their people skills.I was so wondering how they could have been hospitable at the Olympics.>Birds' Nest,was very great outside.But when I entered it,I was kinda disappointed because it didn't look as grand as it on TV.I hardly believed the opening ceremony staged here.And as for National Aquatics Center,or you can call it Water Cube,it reminded me of biology class--it looked like cellularity.But I'm sure it must look great at night.

In Shenzhen,especially in my uni,Korean are often seen.But when I was in Beijing,I met a lot of Japanese rather than Korean.I contacted with a few Japanese and found they were very nice and friendly.It was a good preview for me to visit Japan though I'm sure whether I can make it.On the top of Badaling,I barely found Chinese.There were almost all middle-aged Japanese.I didn't know it was because there were not many other Chinese coming to the Great Wall or they just lacked for willpower but I got mixed feelings about that.Speaking of foreigners,I saw a lot in Beijing,even more than those in Nanshan SZ.However,I really didn't think they could understand clou since they didn't know Chinese characters.Chinese culture is too culture-specific.When it comes down to Beijing,you have to understand the placenames so as to know it better.And if someone tells me he or she "likes Chinese culture and language,but don't want to pick up the characters,then I don't think he or she seriously likes our culture.

When was asked "how was your trip",I said "it was okay".Then they thought I didn't have a good time.I did enjoy myself but it was really just okay.I mean I didn't want to exaggerate anything.I neither missed Shenzhen when in Beijing nor indulged in pleasure and forget home.As I said before,I went to Beijing to touch the history but not to look for excitement.But I've got to say Beijing is worth traveling and it'll be the chance of a lifetime for most of the people.

Well,after Beijing,I'm looking forward to traveling inland like Xi'an and Yunnan now.It's already expensive traveling in China,so I don't think I could afford more.Other than that,I'm supposed to sense more about my own country before travel abroad.