Monday, December 29, 2008


It's Monday but I stayed at home because no class and no mood of hitting the books.Instead,I was planning to visit the new Shenzhen Museum not far from my home but I didn't know it wasn't opened today and got a cold shoulder.After walking around the civic centre for a minutes,I decided to visit GuanShanYue Art Museum(关山月美术馆) but I got another cold-shoulder.Is Monday a day off for those public facilities or what?I had to go climbing the LianHua Mountain(莲花山) beside but it wasn't a bad idea.There was some sort of activity going there--retrospection for the past 30 years.

I went to this mountain for uncountable times but most of them were during night time.It looked the same except people who flying kites.I saw different kinds of kites.Woo~I haven't done this for a long time.I am old indeed.There were still many people there,so it meant that people could be free to have fun on Monday.But why I got cold-shoulders?Monday was bizarre.
(haha,found a old lady wearing leopard print)

Later,I went to a Catholic church for a research on "does church open on Monday".But I failed because I chikened out.I didn't dare to enter.I felt scared,imagining that some holy safeguards would chunk me away roughly.And I didn't know why I worried something like that.

After the Catholic one,I headed for a Christian church,but still didn't get nerve to go in there.But the Christian church looked more elegant,maybe it was because of its white colour and it got a bigger Xmas tree.

I found a note from a man dropped on the stairs.There were some wishes from him.Maybe he was gonna say that to God or god father.

But just when I started to smell holy,I saw several clothes being dried on the short trees.What a mood killer~
When I got home,I found many old people were playing mah-jong in the open air.Since when do all the old people begin to do this ON MONDAY?