Monday, November 29, 2010

wuss yet fuss

Lately I've put on some office weight which doesn't bother me at all. I've been chubby since I could remember. I wish I lived in the Tang dynasty because it's said that plump women back then were very popular and I could be a dream girl.^^

My friend told me that he was leaving Shenzhen and was making a farewell video. I understand. This city is regarded as my home but I also feel like steering clear of everything here for a while and explore something new in somewhere else. Explore how and where to? It's a question but someone mentioned Au Pair jobs. I might give it some thoughts.

This time last year I was having fun with D in Beijing. We were a happy couple and secretly I thought that we'd spend the rest of our lives together. But now, we're ocean apart and unlikely to meet up in the future. It was devastating but I'm moving on. How many things would change in one year? I have no idea.

However, I do realize that I've really been spoiling myself lately - went for an exam without any revision, had whatever food I wanted, terminated my internship and booked my flights to travel without informing anyone. These actions might have unintended consequences that will make my life strange, difficult but interesting. But I'll keep going and trust myself.

"We don't know the future but what we do now is a part of the future" - it's what my dear friend Amanda said to me. It always stuns me that we could actually make good friends via Internet. I'm visiting Shanghai again in December and gonna crash at Sharon's place who I met on Friendfeed. In fact I've made quite a few friends on that site and we even pulled off a gifts swaping not long ago.

中文ffer礼物漂流 ----

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

coming away grateful

So my internship at Maersk is terminated today. I regard myself lucky to be in a team with an easy-going leader and those bubbly workmates. I really appreciate all the sharing and training programmes.

(a sharing and training seminar)

(very considerate^^)

(Colleague Wendy hat Geburtstag!^^)

 As the company just moved into a new office, I witnessed the open ceremony and met the Vice President of Hong Kong Limited, Søren Karas (who we think is very handsome).^^

(festive reception centre)

(Søren Karas)

(lion dancers)

(celebration snacks)


(Bye, my desk)

Goodbye, Maersk. I'll miss the Intranet and GFW-proof Internet here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

I had my 22nd birthday in late October.^^

I don't know why people tend to treat dinners as birthday gifts, but I received a special gift from my American friend Gregg. The gift came all the way from the States and would show me the other side of people there.

Don't let yourself overjoyed when you find a new way, because chances are that you'll get lost in it - the words are very apt to my current life. Since planning is not my strong suit, most of the time I just take things as they come. But lately I don't feel like sticking to the status quo whilst I can't neglect the benefit of living in the moment. But I believe some big plan for my future will get finalized sooner or later, though still can't help fretting about when and how will it come.