Monday, December 15, 2008

all started without cellphone

When I found I didn't take my mobile but left it home,I paniced as if I were some kind of VIP.Well,I went home and got it back finally but it kinda made no diference to my life.Maybe next time,I should try to live without cellphone and msn for at least a week and see what on earth would change.

4(Fri)+2(Sat)+1(Sun)+2(Mon)=9.I've been in a bus for 9 times in the past few day.Gosh,good thing that I didn't throw up.But I did tend to throw up when saw a group of people killing chicken.They fed those chicken themselves,so those chicken were "domestic" ones which are more delicious and costly.They had a pot of boiling water and a cage of alive chicken there.A woman came and picked a chicken,those people took it out,killed it and removed its feather quick and neat.It was bloody and smelly.I felt so nausea and almost swore I would never eat chicken anymore.

Well,I quitted that idea when later I passed by McDonald's.I missed it a lot but didn't enter it because there was homemadedinner await.But I noticed the new billboard and it said "the latest price is lower than it back in 10 years ago"Looks like the economic crisis really cannot be underestimated.I cannot help worrying about my future.If there's no jobs for me after 2 years......I have no idea now but one thing is for sure that I won't kill myself or others anyways.