Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another Wednesday...

The red cross bus came and collected blood from students in my uni.I'd been meaning to give blood but never got it done.Had grabed my ID card,I went up to that bus and filled in the form.But suddenly I realized that I couldn't do this because the women issue.Gosh,it sucked.Later one of my roommates told me not to be disappointed because that bus came every month.Coming monthly?That's great.But what if it always comes on the same day every month.So it's not always easy to do good./..\

LH,one of my roomamates recenly celebrated her birthday with us.It was fun but she stilled wanted to have her boyfriend around.It's understandable that she's the kind of dates-before-mates person.LOL.Well,her boyfriend is desirable for her.Although they've been in a relationship for about 5 years,they still seem to be in honeymoon.Back to her birthday,his present for her birthday is the following picture which was scratch by himself.How adorable.But to be honest,I almost died laughing when first saw it.Can she be merrier?^^Well,it's a sweet present indeed.
The other day,at dinner,LH and I talked about remark from the blog of writer Liu Yong.Then she said "it must be awesome if I had a father like Liu Yong or Yu Guangzhong".She has a normal family(I mean parents are not divorced) and her father is normal(neither a alcoholic nor a domestic violence doer),but why she still thinks about that.Shouldn't it be me to keep a father figure in mind?But I do not.In fact,I'm not sure whether I actually need a father because I live well without having a father.He never gave me a pep talk and I'll never know what my dad would say about my decisions.Since I don't have any grandfathers around,nor do I go to a godfather,I cannot help wondering like Carrie in Sex and the city do:How much does a father-figure figure? Since Carrie ended up marrying Mr.Big,I don't think I can get the answer from this character.But I think I may find out tens of years later.