Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goodbye & Hello.

Hello,Shenzhen!I'm back.I came back last night but wasn't very travel-worn.

There's quite a cold snap in Beijing today and I don't have to suffer from it.There's no time difference but difference in temperature between these two cities.But the northlander didn't seem to do well in season themselves to cold as I did--I didn't need to wear down jacket whilst they all wore the down coat.

In Beijing,I didn't feel it was that dry(as I told my friends) but later I did bleed at the nose which hadn't happened for years.Anyway,it was a good idea for me to visit Beijing in early winter because you wouldn't grue or be sweaty.^o^In addition to the pleasant weather,I was told it was low season but I was wondering how would Beijing be like in high season while there were already so many people in low season.>_<>I've uploaded the photos taken in Beijing to flickr and welcome visit and take a look.But as for those famous scenic spot,I don't feel like describing them as a discoverer.Instead,I'm going to write down those little things that I saw and interesting photos that I took.

1)When I were at the SZ airport,I saw this--the smoking room.I was really glad because I hate cigarette and those people who smoke.As I got closed,I saw everyone there was like a drugger and inside it was very reeky which made it look like a opium den.

2)That day when I first went to tht Tian'An Men Square,I saw a group of Japenese students and we happened to walk the same way.I guessed they were on some class tour.Those Japanese girls slightly dressed to make themselves look more attractive while neglect keeping warm.I was really worrying about their knees.

3)When I found some of the structures had been painted again,I couldn't help sighing--for the Olympics,Chinese damaged those cultural relic ourselves.Beijing has done too many things for the games,and it was somewhat hypercorrect.As far as I'm concerned,even if those structures were old and faded,it was no need to retread them.What we need do is protecting them and maintain how they looked.

4)The blocky flagging silently told me how weather-beaten it was and how the time went by.

5)It was taken in Grand Council.The pair of glasses had leopard printon it,so impressive.^^

6)Doorsills were common in those old structure like the Imperial Palace.I had to lift my legs and stride over them.

7)There are a few weird modern buildings in Beijing which don't match the old-timey constructions.

8)Shenzhen Hotel~I was pleasantly surprised to see it.

9)You could see the nests everywhere.I'm sure there are some on the trees in SZ,but all leaves have got to be fallen.

10)Ah~electric car.I've only seen some in Hong Kong and Beijing.

11)The kind of buses in SZ was last seen back in my primary school and I missed them.

12)The hutongr was also painted for the bloody Olympics.The colour made it look fake and not authentic.

13)There were toggery thickly dotted on both side of streets.Beijinger think much if clothes or what?

14)This kind of tricycle was Beijing-own though I suppose it's illegal.

15)When entered the Summer Palace and Winter Palace,I saw the word "Anglo-French" on most of the introduction board--patriotism was full of my mind.