Saturday, December 27, 2008

a day of everything

We sophomore sat an exam this morning.Just 30 min ago,the freshman finished theirs.You may also see that huge amount of people in mess hall at lunch time.^^I should have gone meeting WangZ after the exam but we took a rain check.
Instead,I went helping that boy(my roomate's mother's friend's son) with his English.I'm not good at Grammar but I think I made a good teacher.But that boy didn't do well in English,so we made slow progress.Good thing that he was talkative like children his age,so I kinda got a breath.Little boy still,he actually tended to keep checking on my chest.Well,12 years old --it's pretty much the age already.GUYs are the mystery creatures indeed~
(Reading his English exercise,I felt dragged back to middle school.)
Later the afternoon,I was invited to Sarina's home because her mother just came from Germany.Her mother looked very young but it's too bad that she couldn't speak English,nor me German.All we could do was smiling.Kids were adorable as they used to be and I got a cute Xmas present,a box of German chocolate.Shame that I don't like chocolate but I like the cute green packing with a santa.^^
Later I got a call from Lui on my way back to uni.We had a chit-chat like bitches(hahahaha) but he must have be a tough bitch since he hadn't got any day off for a whole month.We talked for a while and just when I hanged up the call,I couldn't help but wonder why everybody else was busier than me.I mean,I barely cancelled appointment and I'm always ready for chit-chat.Am I too available?And if being available makes me a little pathetic.Am I supposed to get busy,at least pretend to be busy?I don't know.