Sunday, December 14, 2008

ba la ba ba ba--I'm lovin' it.

The same time two years ago,I was very looking forward to visiting Tibet and Taiwan.Finally,there will be two direct flights operated to Taiwan from Shenzhen.But now I'm in no mood visiting Taiwan because it disappoints me on several occasions.Everytime I read some blogs from Taiwan,I got so pissed off.How could they say something harsh and hardhearted like that?What kind of compatriots are they?

There's democracy in Taiwan?Yea,right,so you can do nothing about Chen Shui-bian while it is bloody obvious that he commited embezzlement.Actually,it doesn't surprise me at all when I hear some official is corrupt.In China,corruption is everywhere.In Shenzhen,if you plan to run a restaurant or grocer,you have to grease the palm of some official departments,say community office,commercial bureau and even Fire bureau.That's why Chinese people(including Taiwanese and Hongkongese) seem slick and sly.

Speaking of which,I come up with a idea--let's imagine a long time ago,minority people were very unsophisticated and didn't get business around.But one day,Han-Chinese got into their simple lives and did business with them.The minority people may have been treated because of their innocence,so as time passed Han Chinese were not well repute.And later this issue was used by some politicians so Han Chinese were uglified and hated.I guess,maybe that's the original cause of those minority problems.Well,too much for this topic.I am not into politics whatsoever.BTW,Tibet is still attractive to me.

It's Sunday.I stay at home as usual.After some discussion,we have determined to go back to our hometwon before the coming Spring Festival.It's doomed that I'll put on more weigh when I come back.But it's good for me because I prefer to be chubby.But mom told me "you'd better be slim because it'd be easier to find a job.And you should get your hair marcelled because yours is thin".Yea,my hair is thin and because of the accident back to 2 years old,there are scars,making some parts of my head hairless.Well,there'a a slang in China that "genius looks like monk" which means the thinner hair you have the smarter you are.Well,I'm not smart though.But I'm confused that whether I should still worry about that kind of thing while I totally accept myself.

Sunday meal,yum!Thanks,mom.
I know it's the orange season now and they're cheap.But mom,aren't those too many for a week?