Sunday, December 27, 2009

come back short

Oh I hope it's not overgrown here since I haven't weeded it for two months! Now I figure out why there are so many abandoned blogs - once you stop posting for a little while, you're not motivate enough.

During my absence here, I spent 10 days in Beijing, again. But this time is not for sight-seeing, so I didn't take any fascinating photos to share here. Other than that, I didn't do anything beyond routine. And learning German is definitely major in my routine. As I learn more, it's getting more and more difficult. It's so difficult that the teacher doesn't even make effort to explain.=] And oh I almost forgot we had Christmas. Well, normally I don't celebrate Christmas but when you saw the whole world was having a good time, you could hardly sit back but ask them to share some fun.

It's pretty much about this post. I'm invited to another wedding dinner on New Year's Day. Will show some photos of it by then.