Friday, December 19, 2008

a hilarious Friday afternoon.

There was a Xmas-Celebrating show in my uni.It was held for those international students and my department was invited to watch the whole show.Those performances were so hilarious.The whole afternoon,I sat there doing nothing but laughing out loud.
(The man was blahing)
(No offense to those international students,but they were terrible singers.)
(Oh my god.This was my faviurite one.It was adapted from "Cinderella".The English guy who acted Gabriella,was so funny and cute.^^ He was in purple,lying down in this pic. )
(Iran guy was singing a love song,Im-pressive!)
(This one was not bad.)
(Russian solo)
(Filipino magic show.Glamorous!)
(This one was hahahahahahahaha)
(African guys were always so hot.^^)
(Shadowboxing.I almost fell asleep.)
(Those sexy cheong-sam dresses were slutty.)
(Traditional Chinese style.)
(minority dance)