Saturday, November 29, 2008

posting on departure

I've been suffering from a bad cold since yesterday.Great,now I have to visit Beijing with a running nose,a headache,inappetence and a throaty voice.Well,at least the last one is good for me because I'm planning to imitate the Beijing accent.It should be fun and maybe embarrassing if they find out.LOL

The flight takes about 3 hours which is not a very long time.But looking at the suitcase,I wish I were a superman.Then I just rip off my clothes and I'm good to go or even carry someone in the arm at the same time.

Well,too much for this post.I'm off to Beijing in any minute.Bye for now.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Having been following the blog named Shenzhen Undercover and I think it's quite worth reading.I feel lucky to get the chance reading about our modern National's incorrigibility in English version.By Shenzhen,I suppose he means the People's Republic of China(中华人民共和国).The reason why I have to put it in full is that I know China and PRC are defined differently outside my world.The blogger Mike,as he tells it himself,is "a Chinese-American".Though just semi-Chinese,he's got to be a Chinese-related so as to get that sort of mixed feelings and point out things straight from the shoulder.On the other hand,he cannot be so judgematic if he was not raised up occidentally.However,unlike other foreigners,Mike is not judgemental but is more sort of plainspoken.He's not like standing high above the masses but standing closed to we ordinary people.I'm so envious of him being so insightful and having experienced so many bittersweet things.

For Christian,there is Xmas in winter.For Chinese people like me,there's Spring Festival in winter.These two big days are really something.You may get bonus and holidays during this period but it seems that they cannot change the fact that winter is quite a depressing season.You would probably deny it but,believe it or not,you put on more pressure now. (I've got to admit that it is a terrible leading paragragh but I just wanted to make it easy to lead to what I'm going to write later.) Since the other day I talked to tigerling,the word depressed has been hovering in my mind.I don't mean to be a mind-reader but I could tell he is somewhat depressed before he told me about it.

He is easy-going and unpretending but as knowing him better you would get the feeling that he's distrustful or a little bit cynical.I mean he's being so judgematic that there's barely anything could actually cheer him up.He doesn't dare to open his mind to any possibilities.He's very afraid of being hurt.And he doesn't want people to know about it,so he just pretends to act like that so that everybody,even himself,would think he's fine.I do not know what has him gone through before but I think it's understandable because,as the eldest child,without too much attention,he has to be sensible so that he's competent to protect at least himself.He also mentioned privacy--I guess it does not mean private but just cautious.I mean,deep down he's looking forward that there are people being there for him.Well,who doesn't?

I could be totally wrong because there's a chance that he only acts like that in a location that he isn't that into.Anyway,I really appreciate that he throws himself into what he loves and seems to have done a good job.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

one lunch at private restaurant

It was Luohan's birthday.So we treated her in a private restaurant named Lijie's.Speaking of which,it is a long story.Luohan's parents runs this private restaurant and she's planning to open to just her friends or her friends' friends.They rent a large house which contains several rooms that they could serve several groups of guests at the same time.Since they're from Sichuan,the dishes were all spicy which was good for me.Her parents insisted that the lunch was free but we still paid.

1.The overall view of Lijie's.Wooden furniture is all your eyes.It reminded me of my home,all wood which makes it feel so dim.ButI really like it because it makes you feel calm.

2.One of the dining room.

3.The path to the bath.

4.It's the table we had our lunch at.

5.Even the com-desk is wooden.

6.After lunch,we by which I mean they played mah-jong in the mah-jong room.

7.It's a automatic mah-jong table-board.I have heard a lot of this sort of table but it was the first time I actually saw how it worked.Well,I'm not much of a mah-jong but a poker person.

8.There are two sets of mah-jong.Once you finish one game,you just have to press a button on the disk then it will rise up.You just have to push all the mah-jong into the hole and wait for another set.Wow,so efficient.^^

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Since she was said to get married to Jay-Z,I had been wondering whether she would release any new album.But as you see,Beyoncé is back and shining as a real super star.

This is the cover art for I Am... Sasha Fierce which is her latest album. The first single song is "If I were a boy" and I was so touched by it.I think Beyoncé is famous for her relationship oriented and slutty songs but I have to admit that she's really a good singer.And if you watch "Dream Girls",you would be impressed by her acting.

I don't why but most singers that I appreciate are black people.Although the lyrics are flirting and sex oriented but they are talented and their special accent is kinda charming.I'm really looking forward to making black friends.I guess those black people who are in the movies or tvshows are not authentic.The American media is always so misleading.I know black people in Africa are different from those in America but I'm very interested in Africa too.But visiting Africa costs the same as visiting UK,so I'd better lie over both ideas now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

take a breath(reluctant 2nd edition)

Have missed a few days of posting and now I am finally in the mood and get the time to get down to it. Well,it seems that lately the GFW has done its duty about blogger again,but it shouldn't be a problem for me to stay at blogger.

I don't always follow booklists given by teachers but Ms.Wang said she shed tearswhen she read it(she's over FORTY) .It made me quite curious about this book whose name is 山楂树之恋(shan zha shu zhi lian)/Hawthorn tree forever. It's about a love story which is set against the backdrop of the final days of the Cultural Revolution. It is said it's the "purest love story in the world".I think by purest they mean reachless because you'll never find a guy so perfect in real life which makes this book less resonant.Of courseI didn't shed tears but I really appreciate how the protagonists treat their relationship. Unlike those fickle relationship which are portrayed to be in books,movies or even real life,the two people slow things down and make use of every single minute to love each other more.Sadly,they're not happy ever after because the guy dies of leukaemia(pretty much korean drama).

I inconsciently saw the date just now and it's Nov. 25th today.Sarina and her family should be back to Shenzhen in any minute and I really miss her and her adorable kids.I don't know whether I mentioned Sarina before.She's from German,a wife of a Chinese guy and a mother of two.She's white and she still cannot live without toast and coffee and she's even got a sort of device to put CO2 into pure water in order to make it drink like Coke.But the reason that I like her is that,most of the time,she has the same point of view as mine who is a typical Chinese.I guess it's because that she grew up in East Germany,I mean history really means a lot.

Lynch's grandfather has just passed away.Wing's dog Duoduo is badly .Luohan's father is lately unemployed.Shuwen's family seem to deal with a hot potato.Lui's brother who is just 18 years old got his girl friend who is only 15 pregnant......When my friends seemed to be haunted,I am,by all appearance,fine.However,I was haunted too and there was a difference between my ghost and theirs.I guess that's the beauty of life.Everybody lives a different life but as long as we're willing to listen other people's stories,it feels like you have experienced many kinds of lives which makes your own life no longer boring or pathetic.

Other than Sarina,all the foreigners that I've met are so foreigners.Speaking of which,I'm so gonna write down something about Lui who is the most different.Now Lui's officially my first not straight friend.I was overwhelmed when he told me the truth,because I outright negated that possibility.But looking back the previous moments,he didn't hide it at all.A friend said I should have asked at the time I doubted about it.But why? I didn't,don't and won't care whether he's straight or not.Our friendship won't get changed because of it.Actually,I was not the one who was shocked.He was also surprised because he thought I should have found out since the first time we met.

Later,I asked him a lot of question,really a lot.I was really impressed by his word "I'm just a normal guy who happen to love another guy".He told me he didn't want to get married.But I'm really looking forward that Lui gets his special someone and maybe a kid.The world has to be baffling,crazy and imperfectible.I mean some are too nice to be straight,some are too straight to be that nice.I suppose it may be the modern Darwinism.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday I attended class named Theory of Marxism Philosophy.It was the third time inthe semester that I had this class.The teacher didn't actually give classes on Marxism.Instead,she almost spent all the time on the Philosophy part.

Philosophy is so amazing but for me,I'll get along with philosophersat a respectful distance.In China,when we talk about philosophers,we involuntarily think about rhymists and rhymists are nuts.Good thing that the teacher is not a nut but I really got so fed up that she put every single philosophical theory together with the way we deal with our partners.She thought we came to uni for nothing but managing relationship?

For all that,I was impressed by some of her remark.She said there were three phases in relationship,but most people just rest on the second one.The first is,I know it and you know it;Second,I know that you know it and you know that I know it;Third,I know that you know I know it and you know that I know you know it.It does sound like a tongue twister but makes sense.

The limits of my language means the limits of my world--Ludwig Wittgenstein.I totally agree with this quote.When you're able to speak different languges,you'll see this world in diferent ways.But I really think no matter how many languages or other things are you into,you should keep down you own culture even if it's somewhat old-fashioned.

I'm saying that many Chinese,especially the young people are blindly chasing the western culture.Walking on the street,even in my uni,you see many girls or women wearing skirtspanty-hose and boots but from where I grew up,this kind of fashion is good for western people but not us.What's more,it looks like everyone in Japan colour their hair,but I think black hair match our faces.Maybe I'm kinda fogyish but hey that's me.^^

We took her to class today.So cute~^o^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

previously in my life

It's practically c-o-l-d today.No wonder the four students who died in bid to escape fire used the dangerous device to get warm.I felt so sorry to hear this news.I can see that at this moment it's quite cold up north.Now I should give a second thought to the trip to Beijing--nh,I'm just kidding.Even there's no one there holding my hand,the colder the merrier.^^When I got up this morning,I could hardly moved.Well,after forcing myself to wash and rinse,it didn't feel that cold.

After the long broing day in uni,I had dinner with David yesterday,unfortunately he wasn't content with it.It's understandable since he hasn't had that much Chinese fast food and people do unwise things when they're hungry^^.Later,David told me he was planning to purchase a quilt in Haiya.Well,secretly I got the feeling that it was kinda embarrassing for us to pick bedding together.I mean no wonder the saleswomen kept reminding us that it was single bed not for double bed,LOL.Anyways,I suppose the only place that I can afford in Haiya is KFC.I remembered that I took a fancy to a coat there,but it cost RMB 2000 which was absolutely outrageous.

I think,as local Chinese I'm supposed to give foreign friends like David some tips,so that he would go through less trouble which is unnecessary.Well,there's no trouble is necessary but I should be less hospitable,otherwise it would make me look like a do-you-want-to-go-to-the-gym person which in fact I'm not.>_<

My friend Wing which is another spoiled friend of mine brought a puppy to her dorm yesterday.She said she saw it,loved it,bought it and took it back--She reallly got nerve.But well,I didn't judge her because I'm a dog person.Other than that,I don't have to look after the puppy but just have fun with it,why not be glad and enjoy the whole thing?She lives in 524 and I live in 521,and it seems like I'll go to 521 more frequently than before.^^The puppy is a girl(can I say that?) .Maybe he looks a little reluctant in the following photo but she's as meek as a lamb.

Well,seriously she's got to figure out what next to do for the puppy because there's no way to keep her in the dorm for long.>_<

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"two women and a half"

I barely used QQ which is popular in China but yesterday evening I signed in it,planning to see what happen in the world of QQ.I felt kinda flattered firstly because I received many greetings from my former classmates.But later,I got kinda down because after the hello all of them asked me the same thing"have you got a boyfriend now".And I was almost rendered speechless when they asked me why not--what kind of question is that!>_<

It seems that when you meet acquaintance,you always have to face this sort of question.Now I understand why mom hesitated when I comfirmed with her about going back to our homwtown.She's got too much to face,to explain,to bear,to keep to herself.So instead of getting a boyfriend for me,I'd rather mom can find someone special for her.But I know it's not easy for her,she's so traditional,so virtuous and so down to earth.Anyways,she's set a good example of being a decent woman,althought we would seem kinda unromantic.But life is not always romantic.Life is simple,but people just insist on making it complicated.

I wish mom could find someone trustworthy and optimistic because only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.But for me,I know someone in the world is waiting for me,although I've no idea of where he is or when I'm gonna meet him.But I feel happy every day for this.^^

Monday, November 17, 2008


Students in my department got another chance to audit some extra-mural courses for internaional students.My class was divided into several groups and I was "gloriously" appointed as group-leader.Our department head told us to "seize the opportunity to make some foreign friends but remember to be cautious because some of them may be weirdoes".Secretly,I laughed at her remark but I didn't know why.

I don't mean to be judgemental but the teacher was not qualified because of her heavy accent which sounded just like Hongkongnese.In the class that we audited,students are either occidental or African,and therefore we didn' receive any sort of cold shoulder or glad hand.A lady with long eyelashes from Russia was incredibly stunning.She was smiling when I introduced us and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.It reminds me of my Russian friend Murad.His wife is also attractive.Good for all the Russian guys.^^

Later,I randomly took a seat and I ended up the deskmate of a black guy.He seemed a little nervous to have Chinese class with native Chinese beside because he kept murmuring "f**k","hell" and all that----Be polite and be patient,dude.There's still a long way to go.>_<

The other day,I happened to watch the following video again,still funny LOL.Blare is still so handsome and I remember that the guy who starred as Blare "in Queen" looks really like him in person.^^

Sunday, November 16, 2008

may or may be not another cliche

Instead of chilling out at home,I stayed in uni yesterday.Later,I met Lui and we had dinner at McDonald's.Maybe other girls are comfortable with being treated,but not for me.I didn't let him treat me,so he said I was very stubborn.But I supposed I was just not social enough.

Anyway,I had a good time with Lui.He's not high classsic or picky about food.We can have fun anywhere without going to some snobbish place.Other than that,I enjoy hanging out with him because we can talk like girls do.He's a little bit sissy but in a good way.I was wondering whether he liked guys when I barely knew him.On purpose,I accidently asked him about that and it turned out I was totally wrong.Frankly,I was a little disappointed when I knew he's straight.It's kinda mean but I really thought he could be my first gay friend.>_<

Speaking of which,I'm cool with gay but not lesbian.I don't mean to be a heterosexist but since I'm a lady,it's just too hard for me to imagine falling in love with any other woman.If someone claims she's lesbian or bisexual,then I think she just wants to show off her sexuality.I suppose women are doomed to love guys but guys are allowed to love anything(in a sarcastic way).

Or maybe it's just another sign of me being Chinese.But it seems like not only me but also some foreigner could be a little like Chinese after staying here for a while(and eating a dog would make this process faster).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

English names

The other day.I read a report that says the name Susan is the most popular female name while the name David is the most popular male name.It reminds me of a thing.Several years ago,my English name was Sophie.But later,when a brand of sanitary towel came out with the same name as mine,I changed it to Susan without hesitation.( -_-' )However,I changed my english name later,again.English name never means a lot to me so I'd rather stick with my Chinese name if possible.

I'm very impressed with following English names,Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken--which existed in our English textbooks back in primary school.At that time,classmates fancied English names with reiterative locution,like Lily,Vivi,Cici,Nana,Jojo,Coco and the like.Later,we found one of them both funny and annoying--Toto which is a brand related to toilet.^^

It definitely surprised me when I saw a girl named London,but later I found that there's someone whose real name is America.What's more,I heard some girls are called Charlie or called Robin which are obviously guy's names.So what's that supposed to mean?If they're really so open-minded about names,then why Chandler in FRIENDS was always embarrassed by his family name Bing and why it's funny to call an average girl Madonna?I don't think I totally get the way western people picking their names.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

easy come,easy go.

Since I sprinkled some water into the keyboard of my laptop,it hasn't been able to work well for a while.It's a poor timing for me to ask for a new one because the expense for my planned trip is quite a few.

So I had to purchase a new keyboard which is connected externally to my laptop.Sadly,it doesn't work well.I am single but why misfortunes never come singly.I hate to admit but I'm really in bad mood.But I've got to push down my feelings instead of taking them and shoving them to somebody else's face.

I have kept myself getting up at 7:00 am for several months which is 30 minutes earlier than my roomates or even classmates.But lately,as it's getting cold,I find that it's not easy to do this any more.

However,I'm not gonna quit because 30 more minutes for sleep don't make much sense.In addition,when I kept early hours,it felt like having more balance.As the saying goes,the early bird catches the worm.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All about yesterday.

I got a bonus ticket for the ALPS Ice and Snow World.I didn't ski but skated.Technically,I just tried to skate.I had never done this before and frankly I almost chickened out at the beginning.

Everybody there was so cool that they did any pose on the ice as they wanted. I was wondering,since when did so many people do well in it. Then I realised that everyone elso does skating secretly,without even giving me a hint.

D'oh!As you can see ME in the picture was being so clumsy and out of control.I could hardly get away from the railing.Good thing that I didn't fall over myself at all~But I was curious about what happens if I slip down to the ice.Would the icy ground crack?LOL

We were asked to hold on a moment outside of the skating rink,because the staff were supposed to re-ice the ground.See that Xmas tree there?It seems that the preparation for the coming big day is underway.

Later after the workout,I visited a place where I hadn't been for years--toyshop.In the first place,I was planning to fulfill my childhood desire for dolls. But later I changed my mind because I got the feeling that I'm not interested in those toys any more.They're cute but they're just not attractive enough for me to take them home.

I didn't feel like leaving the toyshop without doing something after my fancy,so I picked up and took a photo with two cute leopard dolls which are my cup of tea now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally winter's here.xoxo

Winter's here.But the moment I really felt it is when I comb my hair and saw the static phenomena.For me,winter is always romantic.The views,the people in thick clothing,the wind are so lovely.I'd like to do knitting for someone but never got the chance.And it might be a good thing to spare me from that because even I don't feel like wearing the scarf knitted by me,how could anybody else do?^^

Like I said before,there's no spring or autumn here in Shenzhen.We've only got summer and winter.The funny thing is,northlander in China hardly bear winter in Shenzhen even the temperature is much higher.Other than the central heating,it's about the humidity-it's dry and cold in the north while it's clammy here.

My mom and I have been planning to spend our winter holidaythis year in hometown where we haven't gone back for 9 years.Speaking of my hometown,I always think about something about the local accent.Since I was a little girl,my mon has talked to me in dialect.I perfectly understand it but can't speak even a little.Maybe I'm not talented in language thing.But I really like the feeling that you talk with your friends,your folks or whatever using your own language which people around you cannot understand.Accents remind you of where you are from and give you
the sense of belonging.So it's kinda sad that I have no particular accent.

I did some shopping last week.Technically,it was window--shopping.I meant to purchase a down jacket but I laughed out loud after trying on one.I looked like an astronaut whom was blown up.I kinda gave up the idea of wearing down jacket to Beijing and my hometown-why confront something when can avoid it?^^

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday now.^^

I came home Saturday afternoon after a whole morning about English grammar phrase structure----I helped a little boy of Luohan's mother's friend's(whew~) with his English.He was so bored that he couldn't help yawning.I knew exaclt how he felt so put aside the proper business,trying to had a free talk with him.

I hadn't talked to any kids for a long time and I got the feeling that I'm OLD.It surprised me that,I unfeignedly told some cliche stuff (which my mom had also told me before) to him.But he was smart and docile and I felt that I had nothing but experience compared to him.^^

WoW,I finally got to enjoy it-High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast.'Wildcat all the best' ---I'll tell you all more after I watch the tvmovie,no pushing.^^

01. Now Or Never
02. Right Here, Right Now
03. I Want It All
04. Can I Have This Dance
05. A Night To Remember
06. Just Wanna Be With
07. The Boys Are Back
08. Walk Away
09. Scream
10. Senior Year Spring Musical
11. We're All In This Together(Graduation Mix)
12. High School Musical

click here for download

lol----a hearty laugh

Mr.LeMay told us he voted for Obama with absentee ballot(Frankly,I didn't understand what it was).When we told Mr.LeMay that Obama's brother is in Shenzhen,he seemed very surprised.So we figured that he didn't come here for any politics stuff or for being a spy.LOL.

Actually,that man is Obama's half brother and,as much as I know,it makes them less brotherly. But people in Shenzhen seemed kinda like being flattered while Shenzhen is still unknown to the whole world though it's in sight of Hong Kong.
  • He lives in Nanshan, where most expats live – and where I’ve recently
  • He has a younger Chinese girlfriend. No surprise there.
    girlfriend is from Henan – everyone it seems is from Henan.
  • He speaks Chinese and is really easy going.
  • He has his own company that does some
    international import/export – all westerners work in import/export and/or
    teaching English. EVERYONE!
  • The company isn’t officially registered in
    Shenzhen – yea, not many foreign businesses are registered in Shenzhen. Most are
    registered in Hong Kong.

  • from

Obama is totally a worldwide superstar now,but I suppose The honeymoon between the president-elect and the press will be soon over.Since Bush left an awful mess behind,the US has many issues remaining to be fixed up----so does PRC.^^

Thursday, November 6, 2008

goofing off.

It seems that everything in life is never gonna change,even the weather.I just ask for one thing,but why the winter still hesitates to come?Okay,that gives me another reason to be out of Shenzhen.But I can imagine that later I'll be overwhelmed and eagerly wanna come back.Poor sneaking little me.

This week,I'm not in mood of doing anything make sense,just goofing off.I've gotta spoil myself from time to time.I relaxed my pace of everthing,or,in other words,it is a lazy week so far.

LUI's narcissistic wallpaper,but it's very impressive.

Inspired by LUI,I did some photoshop stuff.

Me and Banana Queen mom(banana's her favourite)

It's so-called little shuo.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama won-not exactly news to me.

It's so easy for me to get used to the fact that Obama is the president-elect of America.I suppose we don't have to wait for 4 years to find out whether American people made a smart choice.The "ugly old man" McCain definitly felt sad at that moment but he should cheer up for his country making another history which China could never do the same.

Thanks to the election,I I learned some new English words which were not familiar to me before. don't have much idea about the their policys but as far as I'm concerned,one of McCain's blind sides is his voice and tone sound very much like George.W.Bush.When I first heard his voice on the radio,I was misled.

LUI says he hates me because I get a free trip to Japan.He wants to go with me but the expense is really a problem.But I've gotto to tell him that it's not really "free".Since I barely left Shenzhen in winter,I don't have any wadded jackets or something like that so I'm going to spend about 500 hundred yuan purchasing some.What's more,the visa should charge me at least 200 hundred yuan.The bottom line is,there's no free lunch in the world.

I'm not sure whether I can make it because,even though I'll go with some tourist group,I have to find someone to keep me company or I'm not allowed to go on my own.Well,maybe it's easier said than done,but I'm kinda looking forward to go someplace new on my own as long as people speak English there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hello pizza.

Just had my first pizza with David in Papa Jones.He was surprised two times today.One is I haven't had pizza before,the other one is something I don't talk about any more.Anyway,thank him for the big meal and I have next restaurant for us in mind.What's more important,the diet starts tomorrow and I mean it!Since the National Day,October 1st,I have been had a lot big meals outside.And all I know is that they made me not only flattered but also fatter.

The Coastal City seemed very busy this evening.On my way back,I felt that I was the only one who was not busy.I'm the sort of person who is always sticking to the status quo.I mean everybody has a plan,at least,dare to plan.For me,I don't feel like planning anything far away.IOr I shoulds say,when things go well,I begin to worry-it can't be right.Instead of "not ambitious","always chicken out" suits me better.

I don't know whether David minds it or not-he mentioned learning Chinese and language partner before but I didn't say I would like to be the volunteer.The reason for that is,I suppose learning or teaching language from friends.So don't mad at me,friend David.I've gotto tell him something:it's much harder for you to learn Chinese if you don't pick up any Chinese characters,I know you don't plan to learn the characters though.

My German friend Sarina and her Chinese husband left for America last week.They're gonna stay there for a month.Her husband is the most thoughtful man I've ever known.She hasn't worked for two years in China but her husband doesn't have an issue with that.Why do those good Chinese guys always get married to foreign women.It's so unfair,isn't it?^^

Saturday, November 1, 2008

British people can be funny.

Ah~Legendary Little Britain has finally come back.But this time,it came with "USA"-Little Britain USA.I just watched the first 3 episodes the other day.Yet,the local accent got me sometimes like it used to do but I still loved it,especially the theme song changing into the American country music style.It is said that Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be in the show.I'm lokking forward to it.

The new version has many naked scenes so it's definitly PG.Btw,It feels good to be an adult for this point.^^The lines and the attitudes are racism and insulting.Like I didn't know they call us "Ching chong china man" before.But at least,I get the chance to see how exactly they insult us and other people.

The characters,including some new ones were still so mean,so crude,so hilarious and so real.Here's some Little Britain Quotes:

1.Aberdoon Stook House Chef: Maybe I am and maybe I'm not.
2.Emily Howard [transvestite character]: I'm a lady.
3.Vicky Pollard: Yeah, but no, but yeah, but ...
4.Kenny Craig [hypnotist]: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes. [click] You're under!321,you're back in the room.
5.Daffyd Thomas: I'm the only gay in the village.
6.Andy Pipkin [wheelchair character]: I want that one.
7.Marjorie Dawes [Fat Fighters are discussing foods]: Dust. Anybody? No? High in fat, low in fat? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. Anybody? No? Dust. It's actually very low in fat. You can have as much dust as you like.