Monday, October 25, 2010

Me & Mom

Every weekend mom made big meals because her beloved daughter would come home for weekend. But on week days, she only had simple, even humble meals because she "didn't feel like cooking" if just for herself.

One of her fingers got swollen last week and she didn't manage to tell me if I hadn't noticed. She'd had already seen a doctor and "it's no biggie, just rheumatoid arthritis." I knew, it was a age thing. She slipped out the fact that maybe later her other fingers would also have the same symptom.

Looking at her gnarled rough hands, I couldn't help shedding tears. I don't want to admit but mom is becoming less vigorous. I can also tell that she's going through her menopause as she constantly gets hot flashes and sweats more often.

At that moment, I got the feeling that things like moving out, leaving this city or studying abroad are all crap. I just want to stay with mom and people I love. That's all I need and care now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm at work, literally.

I've been using IMs for years but my status always was either "online" or "away", barely, "busy" (at some point, I didn't understand why signed in any IMs while you were busy). But now it's "I'm at work". Yes, I'm no longer a full-time sloppy student but a rookie in office.

I'm very lucky as the office has moved to the district I live in now and it only takes 30 minutes from my dorm to the office. They mentioned that the office would move, but I didn't know it would happen just before my internship started. My first week has been going very well. Actually it's better than I thought. I was stunned when I first saw two monitors on my desk and the suite seemed very "professional" to me.

There's no hierarchy or bureaucracy, unlike those state-owned companies. You don't have to butter anyone up or pretend to be busy. Workmates all seem friendly and gracious. But frankly, I've done little mingling, since I still feel a bit self-conscious. But it's surefire that I could blend in soon.

Just F.Y.I, I've adopted an English name - Samantha, for business occasions^^. Speaking of which, although it's a foreign company, I don't understand why everyone uses their English names instead of Chinese ones (while some names are not exactly English, say Yuki).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

just another unstoppable life


After the one-week internship at the International Exchange College of SZU, my another internship will get started next week. I nailed the second/final interview this Monday and was informed to be on board the Tuesday followed. I can't help tittering when I recall that for the final interview I whipped up a formal outfit in which I looked just like an elderly waitress.

Even though this Maersk internship is, what you may call it, a foray, I'm still (secretly) expecting to do something other than chippy paper work or telephone lifting. I'd like to practically give a whirl to everything. However it may be, I really am thrilled to be a member of the big family, even just for several months. I hope that my workmates are nice people and I believe that I could be wild card.^^

Several weeks ago, I wanted to be distracted by other element of my life because I had to let something/someone go and it wasn't easy. Good thing that now it's time for me to let go all the awful feeling I've been dealing with. When there's an end ,there's a "buck up". When there's a start, there's a "buckle up".