Sunday, December 28, 2008

nothing's up

Fnished sleep without any dream,I woke up and found it rained,finally,after several days of muggy and gloomy.I sorta like this kind of weather because it makes me feel calm.But if my memory works,somebody doesn't feel calm,Dr.G should be on his way to his paradise now.But I didn't tell him not to get his hopes up because the paradise there sucks.Or maybe he would enjoy it.Who knows.

Occasionally I mentioned two of my roommates.Actually I have three but I dislike the other one.But we didn't have a fight or a heart-to-heart talk because she isn't worth wasting my energy.I haven't talked to her for a long time and she should know I have an issue with her.Everytime she meant to accost or cut in my conversation,I just stopped short talking.It's not easy to get on my nerve(relax,Lui^^) but she succeeded.Being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.But I absolutely tire of her superficiality.I was wondering how could people like her survive?In what way her parents raise her up that could make her such a horrible person?Well,I won't make it big deal any more because anger killed a cat.

I know totally about Cantonese but I barely speak it to my friends because I didn't strike them as a Cantonese person.One thing led to another,I don't think I speak it very well by now.But this semester,I took a course out of my major class and met a new friend.She kept speaking Cantonese to me at the very start we met.I felt reluctant talking to her in Cantonese and indicated that I was more a Putinghua person but she still did the same thing thing to me.I figured,well,Cantonese it is.And I found that I spoke Cantonese freely in front of her,even with some err.However,I still cannot nerve myself to do that to my friends.I was surprisingly aware that I actually couldn't be myself with my friends at some points.So that's why some people leave home,meet new friends to be who they want to be.So maybe those social people are the unconfident ones because they're desperately making different new friends to set up different figures to cover up their fear.Therefore,they don't have a tight group.

Just blogged something about adult movies the other day,and now a Japanese porn star is said to kill herself.Well,she did it,she's more famous than before.It reminded me of a rough quote I just read--Life is like pooing.Sometims you exert the utmost strength,but it turns out just a fart.