Sunday, December 21, 2008

sunday,sunny day

Today is Winter Solstice,kinda a big day for us Chinese.Me and my mom celebrated it by eating a chicken.That's what my mom always does:big day=Chicken.Aw,my mom is cute.When I told her I had a gay friend,she got so worked up and reproved me "listen my girl,you are supposed to get a proper boyfriend not a gay boyfriend".hahahahahahahaha,I almost died laughing.Mom is so old-fashioned and actually has no idea about the gay thing.When it comes to gay,it turned out that I was wrong that our American English teacher is not gay but is in a relationship with a twentysomething Filipino woman.Well,not only him,but also an Austalian guy I heard has a Filipino girlfriend.What is that supposed to mean?In China(at least),those European prefer to hook up with Filipino women?

While those European guy are hooking up with Filipino,a Chinese guy seems to be lonely.The other day,I accidentally(or not so much) took a funny pic of a sorta naked guy who lived in the dorm in front of mine.I know it was mean but was fun indeed.Well,I sweat next time I saw him naked,I'll wave and shout to him "Hey bloke,you're not so cool as you think you are".

Sarina called and asked me to help her to put some CD audio files into mp3 player.Just when I was confused why she needed my help with such a simple thing,she called agian and said "I told you to put those into mp3 but I don't even have a mp3.I'm so stupid.Oh my god.If I keep being so stupid,my husband is gonna divorce me".So I would help her purchase a mp3 first.It was totally no problem.In fact I was glad that she was willing to bank on me.She isn't stupid,not at all.It's just three-years-two-kids,her mind is all occupied.

But I got mixed feelings.She could've asked her husband to help her out but her husband is very busy and only is at home during night time.She doesn't want this little nothing to fuss him but to give him a big smile and take care of their kids.She is fairly a successful wife and mother.But to hit the jackpot,she acted just like a gambler.As an unemployed woman who married a Chinese guy and moved to China,she betted on her parents,her job,her everything to the person she loves.What if the person has a affair or changes his mind?Well,maybe she doesn't even consider of that,instead,she has faith in her husband.She believes in love and deserves love.Fair enough.