Saturday, December 20, 2008


First of all.Welcome back,Macao!

Finally,I met Lui today.He was helping in one of his company's stores and it was in the book city near civic center.I didn't call because I meant to surprise him and took a funny pic of him.But I failed,he was with Chris and they saw me first.LOL.And I found that I knew that store a long time ago,but just didn't relate it with Lui.Those goods were mainly about Jimmy's cartoon and Teddy bear.Lui showed me some created by him and they were so nice.I got him some Christmas gifts but didn't expect I would get one from him.It was a tiny Teddy bear together with choc.I don't like choc but that bear is cute.Thank him so much.

I missed Lui so much.I had a lot of things to tell him and to let him comfort me but time was limited.As what he did before,he said I should date every straight guy around me.My god,he even tended to make a match for me and Chris.Nah,Chris is chi-chi,not my cup of tea.I just mentioned I had Thai food yesterday,he started to act like "whoa,you had a date?"blahblahblah,wasn't letting me explain any of it.He likes teasing me.But why has he been so unrelenting of my relationship status?But suddenly I recalled that the same thing happened to Charlotte in Sex and the City,everytime she hanged out with her gay friend Anthony,he always told Charlotte not to drag things around and not wind up old maid.Are those gay guy afraid that we're gonna fall in love with the same GUY?

Right,Thai food--I have been saying "I have never" all along since I met D.And I just said that again yesterday--we had Thai food.It was special and curry tasted good.But I still didn't use the word "delicious".I'm not picky about food,nor a good judge of food,but I'm just so accustomed to family style food.Yet I'm still willing to try different new things.

Everytime D said something emotional ,I couldn't help feeling a little sad for him--he's so emulative but so lonely and seem to have no way to release the loneliness.He is the mainstay of his job and gets good salary(his word) but he tended to go and have a online something(he denied it but I know he could have done that).He's transparent.I know he's afraid that his friends will all get married, start a family.Before long he's the weird, middle-aged bachelor and kids will call him Uncle D.He said I knew him well but I was not flattered because I knew I was one of those strangers.Well,I just wish after one or two decades,when I travelled to the UK or someplace else he lives in then,he would be friendly enough to show me around.^^