Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fly Sheets Utilization 101

Living in Shenzhen(or the entire China), you may have to live with fly sheets of all kinds as long as you happen to be a passerby. Some fly sheets are quite plain while some are swanky. You can surely refuse to accept them but chances are you have to pick them up from your own mailbox and glance over them and throw them away. Ugh, it's so not environment-friendly, is it? So instead of whining about this kind of waste, I mean to share something with you - fly sheets Utilization 101(with my chubby fingers^^).

Needed Materials: FLY SHEETS (oblong)

1. Fold it in half.

2. Fold it in half again and unfold it.

3. Fold both edges(the closed side) to centre. Then unfold them.

4. Open one side and fold it to the crease lines which you made in step 3.

5. Do the other side and do the same as shown in step 4.

6. Okay. I don't know how to explain this step in English but I guess the picture makes it quite clear.

7. Do the other side and do the same as shown in step 6.

8. Fold both edges to centre on both side.

9. Fold the bottom part up on both side.

10. Expand it and make the bottom flat. And done!

There you go. You just made a throwaway rubbish box with a fly sheet that you were going to trash.^^ You may use it to collect random litter, say fish bones, fruit peels, melon-seed shells.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

street snapshot

Even I'm a native in China, I do find things incomprehensible in my normal daily life. They're not the "mainstream" but I suppose they reflect something at some point. Well, instead of a judgemental person, I regard myself as a conscientious one about life.

Location: Beijing

This is the sign for a roast duck restaurant. As you may find, a part of it is missing. And now it's just a "roast bird" reataurant. Or it's a kind of publicity?

Location: my hometown

The local government is trying to popularize English to the salesmen. They chose the most effective way to do it - mark English with Chinese Characters as phonetic symbols. You may ask "Can it work?" No worry, because there's barely any foreigners there in this small town.

[ more about my hometown ]

Location: Shanghai

It was just some light rain, but this metro(from 353 to People Plaza) seemed flooded. I blamed the drainage system in Shanghai.

Location: Nanjing

I saw this catchphrase around Fuzimiao and got very confused. Let me translate it literally "Supporting the army is building a Great Wall. Loving the army is loving the national defence." - What the heck is that?

Location: Meilin, Shenzhen

This is a Police Bike! It's convenient to carry and to chase offenders at back street. At the critical moment, it can even be used as a weapon! (I'm laughing.)

Location: Bao'an, Shenzhen

This is a security guard booth, without any security but a giant police cap. It can surely be frightening to those criminals. Yes, right.

Location: Dongmen, Shenzhen

Remember my "Kappo" classmate? She's not alone. Check this out! "Backcab" and that hideous brand - just another Shanzhai product.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

I Don't Have a Dream.

I love my kids but I could have fed tainted milk to them. I don't have a dream.

Children died because they studied in the jerry-built classrooms. I don't have a dream.

Officials are all accepting bribes, and they never feel ashamed of it. I don't have a dream.

Most lawyers no longer stand up for the victims.If they do,they'll be detained or jailed. I don't have a dream.

You've been living and working in this city for years, but all you can get is a 'temporary' residential permit. I don't have a dream.

Those actors and actresses who starred in the patriotic Chinese movie are not officially Chinese. I don't have a dream.

80 percent of water from China's rivers is polluted, and you may be poisoned if you drink it. I don't have a dream.

Not only at the Olympics,but every coal mine mishap in China also broke a record in death toll. I don't have a dream.

The Berlin wall collapsed 20 years ago, however the GFW is strengthening. I don't have a dream.

China is so vast but Twitter can't survive here. Seriously, I don't have a dream.

Share a joke with you ----------------

Osama Bin Laden recently said China is the only country where terrorists don’t dare to go. Al Qaeda once dispatched five terrorists to attack China. They were told to bomb five different places.

The first, who was to bomb an overpass, got lost on the labyrinthine bridges.

The second, who was to bomb a bus, couldn’t even get aboard because the bus was too crowded;

The third, who was to bomb a supermarket, got his remote control stolen;

The fourth, who was to bomb a building, was stopped and badly beaten by the security guards, who took him for a migrant worker asking for overdue wages, and yelled at him “don’t come for your salary, and don’t you dare to appeal!”;

The fifth, who was to bomb a coal mine, eventually made it, leaving more than 100 miners dead. But half a year later, he was executed by al Qaeda for “cheating,” since the incident was never reported in China.

Friday, October 9, 2009

SZU,Shame on You.

To start off,I have to admit that "SZU,Shame on You" is definitely more sensational than the real.But it does make a catchy title.^^

F.Y.I,SZU is short for Shenzhen University.I've been studying in SZU for more than two years.I fairly enjoy my life there because,well,"small as it is, the sparrow has all the vital organs".But meanwhile,I did find something funny yet a bit of disgraceful.I was meaning to blog about it but didn't take enough photos as a proof.But now,I'm doing it.The following may not be made by SZU but happen there in SZU.

1. Somehow I suppose it was written by some foreign student because the capital letters don't apply to the writing habit of us Chinese people (I guess).


2. These students are about to graduate.It's understandable to take a photo of them and the landmark for a souvenir,but I don't think it's not necessary to actually stand on it.If everyone of us was gonna do the same thing,that sundial would be a ruin.

3. There are more than 20 canteens in SZU.I bet things like the following pics have happened in all the canteen.It happens too many times,so that we barely take it as a big deal.Everytime when someone started to complain about it,others would say something like "think about the starving children in Africa".

4."Wow,check on those legs" - that's not my point,dude.We were having a PE class but some were there in slipper.You may not be professional,but at least you gotta have a professional spirit.

5.People in Shenzhen are not strangers to Shanzhai.At some point,I suppose the name "Shanzhai" is adapted from Shenzhen.But this gal from my class really made me speechless.As a 21st century uni student,she just ignored the"KappO" and lived with it.

6.Yes,this is the  map of SZU which is located right on the main gate.If you're careful enough,you may find it literally unbearable because there are two misspellings on it.What are the odds?

7.This kind of herbal tea is declared to be preventive against H1N1 virus - YEA RIGHT! 

8.What are you doing guys?It's in the middle of a class,Japanese class though.Well,I'm taking this photo.Who am I blaming!

9.I don't know whether non-Chinese would get this,but it made me laugh so hard."Fathers are already old.Wait no more to show filial obedience" - an advertisement for Phiton necklace,ahead of the Father's Day.

To Be Continued......