Monday, December 8, 2008

Last week,my department had an indian professor give us a speech on "Teaching Chinese in India".He spoke excellent mandarin and could write a lot of Chinese characters.In one word,he had totally got our language.In additon to Chinese,he spoke some Spanish.The special Rs are too hard for me.the sound seems to have no equivalent in English or Chinese.I wish I could roll my Rs then I would dare to pick up Spanish,German,French or Arabic.Well,as Lui said,Japanese is much easier to speak.

Oh,yes,Lui.He called me the other day,telling me he would be busy for the whole month and didn't have time to hang out.I said it was fine,like I did't have any other friend.^^But I really appreciate the way he treats friends.Everytime he went somewhere special,he got me little gifts tought he said they were nothing special.And he often gave his regards to my mother though they are totally strangers to each other.He knows the way of the world,especially China where we put our family at the first place.

Oh,yes again,mom.Is it just my mom or all the aged people don't pay much attention to colours?She always calls something blue "yellow" or something yellow "green" but she does know the actual colour.Is it just me or all the children point out their parents' mistake and try to correct them?I always comfirm with mom for many times to make her get it right herself.Sometimes she gets impatient and says "why you have to do that?Even if I tell the wrong colour,you still know what I'm talking about".Maybe I'm being baffling but it's nothing to do with subjectivity.I think it's like saying "hongkong and China" instead of "hongkong and mainland",I have to correct it.Why they choose to say it wrong when they can say it right?