Thursday, October 30, 2008


It seems like the melamine issue is never gonna come to an end.More and more melamine found in more food additives and products from China.

The worse is,people around me start to get fed up with the word "melamine".I mean they're like bystanders,watching such and such scandal.They're like,"if there's a problem with milk,no milk then.I've still got a life.You can call that optimism or something but it's in a bad way.I'm saying that they're not totally callous indifference to the suffering of others,but without reflection or introspectiveness,it's not helping.

It's our national's incorrigbility which was found by Lu Xun back in 1920'.But I'd rather believe it's just a phase.We just need more time to get back our passion.I wish I could that coming before I have a kid,then I don't need to protect him from those negative characteristics.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Friends treated my a dinner in Su Wu shepherd.It was a sort of hotpot restaurant which is my favourite.Good thing that it didn't cost them too much-11 people there just consumed alomost 300 RMB.It felt to have old friends around.We talked about the past and laughed out loud with formality.

I said birthday is no biggy when Helena and Luohan asked what I wanted for birthday gift.But I hadn't have thought that they would give me bedspread with leopard print.LUI also bought me a mirror with laopard print as a gift.I was so glad because I love leopard print.^^Actually I already have some stuff with it.

Finally,I'm 20.It's not a horrible age when it actually comes to reality.And what I'm supposed to do is looking back on my life,re-running the movies of your life will remind you of your successes, and more importantly, reminding me of the lessons I have learned from my mistakes.As fas as I'm concerned,you'll always feel regret about the past,even yesterday,so don't feel too awful if something in the past is really upsetting you.But you've got to notice a pattern of behavior that will help you move forward in a more healthy way.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

speechless case.

A friend of me named Obey used to just a name to me but today it's gonna be on record of legal case.He made everybody shocked and speechless.I should start the story from scratch.

There was a terrible accident or I should say incident in Shenzhen.A window fell down from a high-rise called "Hao Lai Ju" and it killed a little boy.The worse is,nobody can tell or witness who did it or whose window was it.The police couldnot lay the responsibility at anybody's door.The case was definitely a hard nut to crack.

Just as it seemed to be a endless problem,a marvel post showed up in the bbs of "Hao Lai Ju".It was him!He confessed evrything and remarked that he felt guilty.Everybody was so released,though no one knew who he was.And it comes back to my friend.It ended up that he was the person who posted but not the person who threw the window.So it was totally a practical joke.Gosh!!He got nerve.His name was totally ironic--not obey atall.

Obey was arrested.Good thing that Obey has come back after several days' detention.But it officially told us that WE ARE ADULTS.I mean we would never be protected when we make mistakes.We are never children and should take responsibilities,at least for ourselves.

Friday, October 24, 2008


My uncle flew to Shenzhen for some business the other day.Today I finally got the chance to have dinner with him but I really wish I hadn't attended the sentimental dinner.Though all kinds of feelings well up in their hearts while talking about the bitter old days,why can't it be a merry dinner instead of shedding tears or some drunk words?I really dislike those folks who came and had to talk about my dad or whatever made my mom cry.I was so depressed when I saw her weeping and I couldn't help doing the same. Maybe it's easy for me to say.

For many years,I had the idea that I was totally over my dad issue.Sometimes you think you're living out one story but the truth turns out to be something else entirly.I mean I do not hate him,but I don't believe in father-and-daughter relationship now.I mean everytime I saw some fathers caring their daughters,I felt uncomfortable.My girl friends told me they even wore underwear in front of their father,I felt so disgusted.Then I realised I had a problem deep down.But what I'm considering is:though I know my problem,do I have to solve it?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

not another routine.

Sometimes I just don't feel like a girl because I have never involed into any girls' issue.Yet it helps clarity come because I suppose some girls are provoking themselves to start a conflict, even if there's nothing to fight about. sigh~If you have been distracted by problems, then get moving!Being active is one of the very best ways to cheer yourself up and get yourself feeling better about what is going on.

Mr.LeMay told us to get a team name for his class.It was kinda stupid,but other people were having fun doing this.So I went with the flow.Me and Wing named ourselves"Sure Win" because it sounded like "Shuo Wing".Haha,I found that I could make anything funny,at least for me.Han and Helena named themselves "The Davids" because Chinese for David was Da Wei which meant "big stomoach".Those two girls always eat a lot,so the name is so their choice.There were many weird names like "XYZ","Oh MY GOD" and "ps".We Chinese people are like getting untied when we speak English.I mean we dare to say anything in English even if we know those words are rude or stupid.

Had a class with Kim Sanghan this afternoon.He was funny as usual and I just kept laughing during the 2 hours' class.Everytime I said some Korean words,he was like "wow" and I was so flattered^^.Are Korean,or at least Korean guys the same?I don't always believe in those stereotypes but was just wondering.I've got to say I know teachers' mind better now because,finally,I understood why back in high school the teachers preferred those annoying naughty boys.^^

Me and David had dinner today.I didn't break my promise--it was my treat.I'm somebody now^^.Because of the pics of N.Y which were taken by David,I started to miss "Sex and The City".I was planning to review the show but later I figured that I was so gonna watch more British tvshows to get used to British words and expressions.I found myself somewhat(David's word,normally I use "kinda") outspoken tonight."No man lives without jostling and being jostled; in all ways he has to elbow himself through the world, giving and receiving offense."Anyway,I always wanna pick up the real English but it seems the reverse now.Nonono,I don't wanna be the "yoyoyo,wassup" person.

And oh your god,David knew I "linked" him(maybe he is browsing this now).Good thing that my posts are just stupid but not rubbish.Or I would have been more embarrassed.Speaking of embarrassment,I'm pretty sure he is "in deep sorrow" now because of losing way.Yes,he was in the company of me at that moment but he was the leader for his speed's became a little boy while purchasing the speakers and it gives me the feeling that,is there anything could make me a little girl since I am kinda torpor now?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The other day,I paid a visit to IKEA alone.All I got was a sore foot,but I was still delighted.IKEA was such an amazing place.Everything there seemed so attractive that I was even dreaming having my own house.And I finally figured out the reason why my mom always enjoyed doing housework so much was because she decorated our home in person.Every single thing was the reality of her thought so she was always in the mood to keep them nice.So my advice is:don't go to IKEA when you don't have your own place or you'll feel frustrated.^^

Lately,I got the feeling that I couldn't find the English word for exactly what I meant.I'm saying that my English,out of nowhere,sucks.
I don't think it's just a phase.I mean I suppose I'll stick to the status quo forever.Yea,"stick".Jeez,why the hell my life is so boring.What don't I deserve a fabulous life or something?It's just so unfair.I wanna make my own history without doing something out of my reach.
But the thing is I don't wanna break my rules.I mean I have my princeples and taste.Doing those nasty or whining things is so not me~So I guess I'm gonna die alone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

hi,new week~

I suppose this week kinda sucks because I didn't get a pleasant beginning.
First thing is that LUI cancelled our class on Sunday while I asked my mom to prepare some pancakes for him.Well,I should say that he was not lucky enough to enjoy them.Then another thing came--Kim Sanghan cancelled our class on Monday either.It was just too annoying because I rearranged the dinner with David for the class on Monday.
See,that's why I don't like to plan anything.Changes always run faster than plans and I don't feel like letting myself arrange for nothing.In a word,I'm so gonna get used to this kind of "accident".Good thing that I'm gonna to meet David on Wednesday which I'm looking forward to because it's gonna be my treat.Well,since my birthday's coming,I should be generous.
Speaking of David,he just came back from a weekend-trip from Hong Kong.And he told me he was so delighted."i can escape there when China gates my nerves"--his words.I wasn't offenced but got a weird feeling hearing his remark.I love my city though it's not as nice as Hong Kong at some points.Everytime I went to Hong Kong,I was looking forward to going back as soon as possible.David said I was just being so Chinese and I couldn't deny it.
Meanwhile,I read LUI's latest blog and,didn't know why,thought he was getting at me.^^Anyway,it should have been in a good way.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

weak week

I'm finally in the mood of posting about how have I been lately.Generally,It's a pleasant week.

Lui gave me two gifts he brought from Filipine.They were a bracelet and a windbell which were both made of shells.My friends thought nothing of them but I just loved them so much.I thought they were so nice and you were never gonna buy exactly the same ones in China.I wanna say thank you to Lui for his regard and for the dinner that day.

Then I got another part-time job thanks to Helena.The tuition was peanut but it was supposed to be enough to cover my daily expense.I should be grateful anyways because I don't have to ask money from mom,lightening her burden at least.

But a fly in the ointment,Mushy told me he was gonna stay in Malaysia permanently.I knew he would get my heart broken but didn't expect it would come so fast.I was speechless when he said that.I was hurt,badly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chongyang Jie.

I had a nice dinner with legendary David who I just talked to on MSN before today.He was late.Well,it wasn't an issue to me because I always kept others waiting for me and I believed I would got revenge some day.So there you go~

Well,it wasn't major for our first meeting whatsoever.I had never imaged his appearance so I didn't get any unexpected feeling when I sae him.He told me he had lost weight since came to Shenzhen because of the food,the resident and the different life he had.No wonder he looked slim which embarrassed me a little bit because I was over weight.

Okay,speaking of the dishes,I thought they were just average.The thing is I didn't get any special feelings about or fancy any special food.I suppose I could call it torpor.I gave my so-call housewarming,books on Chinese,to David.I had no idea whether it was proper but he seemed glad.

After the dinner,we called it a day.He went home while I went directly to HOTWIND and bought those shoes which I fancied for a while.But I hadn't expected I bought a Honeys coat after shoes.I was so on fire but I'm so content now because the coat is leopard print!Woohoo~I love everything with leopard print.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool air is finally here.Woohoo~

I had a good time with LUI yesterday but it was too wet.After we finished our Chinese class,it was still raining quite hard.

I showed him around the building we uni students had classes in.He fancied everything he met and that's what I appreciated.So I figured why not we have dinner together then,I guessed,the rain would stop(which was not,btw).I told me it was on my treat since you could only have a meal in our dining hall with a student card.He denied of course but it was because he thought it would be too much for me to afford.He found out he had been worrying about nothing when he saw the price there.LOL.He was so shocked because he hadn't have expected "it would be that cheap".

Thursday, October 2, 2008



last week,me and Wing went to Coastal City twice for purchasing shoes.We by which I mean she narrowed the choices down to one-HOTWIND.Yea,those HOTWIND shoes were not bad,not my cup of tea though.Bottom line is I didn't buy any shoes.Good thing that I saw a bottle of coke which had a bottle that I hadn't see for years.

Yesterday was National Day,pretty much everyone was free.I should have exepted that before I dicided to do some shopping.Gosh,you could hardly move or get closed to what you were interested in since it was so crowded.See the left photo?If you wanted to have a rest or have a seat,you had to order something.They wanted you rest and eat at the same time~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I chatted to David the other day and asked for his opinion of the tainted milk issue.As expected,he was literally freaked out a certain extent.But who wasn't!Even the dining halls in my uni which owns better facilities than any other uni in China has arised two cases of collected poisoning accidents since I entered it.I admit that I'm so embarrassed by this issue and I'm sure it works for other Chinese people.

Did I mention Nana before?Nah,I don't think so.Then let me tell something about him.About half an year ago,I posted an ad for tutoring part-time.There was barely some replies but I did get one special and it was from Nana.He's in my city now but back to that moment he's still in the UK.He told me he was gonna come to Shenzhen and kinda needed my help.He also said he had African origin but was raised up in the UK.(Well,the color thing is never an issue to me)After that,we talked on the phone for about 2 times and later he finally made it.hmm..why would I start to talk about him?I suppose it's because he's really caring and patient and these two points are very impressive.I'm not getting at any romantic stuff with him but am just thinking about we being good friends.I don't need any flings but friends.

As for the boyfriend thing,I do have it in mind.I know he couldn't give me any future.Anyway,I've gone through so many things and I just want happiness now rather than future.Am I stupid?

Welcome me back!

I haven't updated this blog for a while.I wasn't busy with anything but was just lazy.Like I always say:you've got to spoil yourself a little bit.
The other day,I got a msn of a British guy in my city and started to chat with him from time to time.He was nice and his name was David.Guess what,he was from London!!Don't judge me but I always love London city just so much.I told him about that and he suggested me to visit London sometime.Yea,I wish but have no idea when I would made it.Anyway,it feels good to keep a dream in mind.
Apart from London,South Africa is another place I look forard to.Mr.LeMay gave everyone of my class an assignment-giving a presentation about a destination not within China.Well,I was considering South Africa but Mr.LeMay told me it was too "broad" so I'll go with the Cape of Good hope then.
I did give some thoughts to the travel thing but I found out that it was pretty much the same to visit South Africa as to London which meant I could not afford either of them.Damn it.