Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What do I want for the new year

      It's Christmas Eve today.Lui told me that he was going to a church.I've only been to a church for once,in Macao.I wonder how do churches look at Christmas.Well,I don't celebrate Christmas but am still glad to see many people having fun.Unlike Chinese lunar new year,Xmas has several theme songs that everybody can sing together.At some points,songs are more infectious than decoration.Brad Paisley,one of my favourite singers,has released his first Christmas album named Brad Paisley Christmas,in 2007.He interpreted Christmas tunes in his own way,country music and it's pretty impressive.

        Track listing
      1. "Winter Wonderland"
      2. "Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy"
      3. "I'll Be Home for Christmas"
      4. "Away in a Manger"
      5. "Penguin, James Penguin"
      6. "364 Days to Go"
      7. "Jingle Bells"
      8. "Silent Night" (Franz Gruber, Josef Mohr)
      9. "Born on Christmas Day"
      10. "Silver Bells"
      11. "Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday" (feat. the Kung Pao Buckaroos)
      12. "Outtake"