Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's day,new mood's day.

When we got back to uni,it was already 1:00 AM January 1st.I almost fell asleep on our way back.I'm really not social.It was the first time I joined in the count-down thing.And finally I can say something like an experienced person,"kids,it sucked.The last thing I will do is going the the count-down again".We went to Coastal City and Holiday Plaza(long story).1)I'd never seen that many people at Coastal City.2)I'd never seen that many couples at the same time.3)I'd never seen that many people wearing the weird light horns together(what's the point of wearing that?confused).

There were a lot of things happening to me in 2008 but overall it was a pleasant year for me.You can always get happiness if you are grateful and heathy,having a good job,a soul-mate and a bunch of good friends.I think me and my friends would get those all.Another year already came,so let's say what Korean people always say "fighting"!^^