Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catch up on My Life

School's out. Hurray! Well, it's not that "Hurray" because I've lived my school days as I've done holidays since I entered the uni. If your uni is in the same city as your home, it could be boring and you'd probably end up not appreciating those family moments. Take me as example, I actually made up some excuses to avoid returning home on weekends. And maybe that's the reason why mom would put the following "new element" in her specialty. If you ever read the posts about my hometown, it's no news to you.

I just said that my school days in uni were easy to go by, but when it comes to the revision for terminal exams, it's never the same. 8 exams and one paper were doing my head in. However, I did spoil myself a bit and took my mind off the exams, say having Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte.^^

Other than that, my British friend was kind enough to invite me to dinner. He cooked Udon - a British guy cooked Japanese food for a Chinese girl. How could that be? hehe He spent the Christmas in the UK and just came back. It was very nice of him to give me a Calendar as a gift, because it meant that the gift was just for this year and he would give me something next year. :P

I'm not a big fan of Japanese food. But somehow I found Sushi make by Jusco tasted good, even better than in Japanese restaurants (by which I mean 禾绿回转寿司). Plus, the price was reasonable.