Monday, December 22, 2008

When "iPod" met iPod.

I would've never thought that I bought a fake iPod today.Here's the thing.It's not easy to buy an economical mp3,not to mention 4G ones.All you can see is mp4 which is regarded as crap by me.After comfirming with Sarina,I got back a 4G fake iPod mp3 at 150RMB.It's totally a knock-off but is so hilarious.But I don't think people would actuallly be treated by the fake iPods,two reasons:if you know what iPod is,you know they are fake and won't buy them in the first place;if you don't know what iPod is and just want a random mp3 player,you don't know and don't care whether it's just a rip-off.

(overall,the black one is the knock-off)
(The fake one has an extra "iPod" at the bottom of the screen)
(menu items)
(the pin of the fake one)
(The manual is totally copied from real iPod,so it doen't match the fake one.I have to write down the right directions in case that she doesn't understand.)
(both are waiting)
(The right ones are fake.)