Sunday, December 7, 2008

Since the Xmas is coming before long,friends study abroad or in Hongkong told me they would come back and asked me to hang out some time.I'm so looking forward to meeting them and talking about the past with them.I enjoy my uni life but I really miss my former life,especially my high school.My uncle told me it was sad because I "lived in the past and didn't realize the beauty of the present".hehe,he thought I was still young.I was not a child way earlier than peers,thus my treason time was over ages ago.When people say I don't act my age,I have to admit it.What's more,I always like guys way older than me.It's some sort of Electra complex but I'm sure my case isn't that serious.Well,everyone has one mental problem(at least).But the funny thing is,since I was a little girl,I was more popular among senior friends than among peers.

This afternoon I watched a movie including different kinds of love--friendship,affection,homosexuality,first sight love,long-term love,art for art's sake love and patriotic love.Each one tells that if you are ready to love,you've got to be tolerant.See that's why I'm afraid of getting involed into relationsip,it's torturing to be jealous.Perhaps I should find someone loves me more than I love him,than I would be less pathetic because I don't think I'm a magnanimous wife.><

Now back to the movie.It's named Forever Enthralled/梅兰芳(Mei Lanfang) and it's one of those Chinese movies that English title is better than Chinese one.It's neither abstruse nor plain.You just have to know Chinese,especially Beijing dialect,then you may actually sense more.I'm too familiar with most the cast,so I felt a little bit weird.But I was impressed by the actor who starred as young Mei Lanfang.I watched it with tigerling and I betted he didn't understand half of it.But what the hay,Zhang Ziyi made everything up for him.^^Not that I underestimate him,but as long as he's not Chinese,he cannot understand the whole movie.Likewise when I watched The Queen,I didn't understand either.Anyway,the culture difference is good for me.It would be so boring if the whole world is the same.

Another thing,everybody has an opinion on how long it takes to recover from a breakup.But just FYI,you start to recover the moment you meet someone that gets you back in the game.But if you're still in pain,chances are you haven't met anyone else that is better than your ex.Well,it's said true love just happen once in a lifetime and some people might have already used that "once".Someone told me he didn't know if he ever found "the right girl" but didn't say "the beloved girl",so he is one of them?