Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was invited to Sarina's Hause(German for home) today.When I headed to the bus station,I saw a winter job fair on campus.It is said this job fair would offer 1500 jobs.

And just next to that station,I found this "Leters and Complaints Centre of Nanshan District".Does it really work?I'll try it if I've got some problems then.

Sarina said she didn't felt Xmas here in China though many Xmas decorations were out there.But I think it's a good thing because it shows that China is not westernized that much.Most Chinese people just go along for the ride when Xmas's coming.It is sad indeed if you can celebrate authentic Xmas in China.Later,we lent somebody else's bikes and went to old Shekou.It was the first time for me to go there,though it was not far from Sea World.There were hardware stores,clothes stores,tailor's shops and restaurants,just like the street around my home in Futian.We found a lot of hilarious MP3--fake iPod-- and I just giggled like a fool.

On our way back,she ran across one of her German friend who said she would go back to Germany for 2 months.Sarina seemed very envious and suddenly I found she had never described or asked my opinion about Germany.I think it's because she loves her coutries so much and just like some British people,they regard their coutry as the best place in the world and don't give a damn to foreigners' ideas.
She told me she went to hospital the other day and had to queue up.hehe,I told her just enjoy it.We Chinese people seem to be more patient of waiting anything.I'd like to take it as a virtue.When I was young,my mom always told me to wait,even just for a little bauble.And now I'm already an adult,I'm still accustomed to WAIT.Waiting for a break,fortune,love and everything.Maybe I'm a person prefer "wait for it" rather than "go for it".
Another Theory of Marxism Philosophy class in this evening,a girl gave us a little speech.She mentioned that her brother died in a car accident last year.I was so shock at this.She just needed one year to comfront it bravely.So when people start to talk about their pain,they might have already recovered.Recovered?So when people talk about their former relationships,they have also recover?But why they still fake like they are painful?They just wanna get attention or are just another kind of poser?I don't know.I do not know.