Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday I attended class named Theory of Marxism Philosophy.It was the third time inthe semester that I had this class.The teacher didn't actually give classes on Marxism.Instead,she almost spent all the time on the Philosophy part.

Philosophy is so amazing but for me,I'll get along with philosophersat a respectful distance.In China,when we talk about philosophers,we involuntarily think about rhymists and rhymists are nuts.Good thing that the teacher is not a nut but I really got so fed up that she put every single philosophical theory together with the way we deal with our partners.She thought we came to uni for nothing but managing relationship?

For all that,I was impressed by some of her remark.She said there were three phases in relationship,but most people just rest on the second one.The first is,I know it and you know it;Second,I know that you know it and you know that I know it;Third,I know that you know I know it and you know that I know you know it.It does sound like a tongue twister but makes sense.

The limits of my language means the limits of my world--Ludwig Wittgenstein.I totally agree with this quote.When you're able to speak different languges,you'll see this world in diferent ways.But I really think no matter how many languages or other things are you into,you should keep down you own culture even if it's somewhat old-fashioned.

I'm saying that many Chinese,especially the young people are blindly chasing the western culture.Walking on the street,even in my uni,you see many girls or women wearing skirtspanty-hose and boots but from where I grew up,this kind of fashion is good for western people but not us.What's more,it looks like everyone in Japan colour their hair,but I think black hair match our faces.Maybe I'm kinda fogyish but hey that's me.^^

We took her to class today.So cute~^o^