Thursday, November 27, 2008

one lunch at private restaurant

It was Luohan's birthday.So we treated her in a private restaurant named Lijie's.Speaking of which,it is a long story.Luohan's parents runs this private restaurant and she's planning to open to just her friends or her friends' friends.They rent a large house which contains several rooms that they could serve several groups of guests at the same time.Since they're from Sichuan,the dishes were all spicy which was good for me.Her parents insisted that the lunch was free but we still paid.

1.The overall view of Lijie's.Wooden furniture is all your eyes.It reminded me of my home,all wood which makes it feel so dim.ButI really like it because it makes you feel calm.

2.One of the dining room.

3.The path to the bath.

4.It's the table we had our lunch at.

5.Even the com-desk is wooden.

6.After lunch,we by which I mean they played mah-jong in the mah-jong room.

7.It's a automatic mah-jong table-board.I have heard a lot of this sort of table but it was the first time I actually saw how it worked.Well,I'm not much of a mah-jong but a poker person.

8.There are two sets of mah-jong.Once you finish one game,you just have to press a button on the disk then it will rise up.You just have to push all the mah-jong into the hole and wait for another set.Wow,so efficient.^^