Sunday, November 16, 2008

may or may be not another cliche

Instead of chilling out at home,I stayed in uni yesterday.Later,I met Lui and we had dinner at McDonald's.Maybe other girls are comfortable with being treated,but not for me.I didn't let him treat me,so he said I was very stubborn.But I supposed I was just not social enough.

Anyway,I had a good time with Lui.He's not high classsic or picky about food.We can have fun anywhere without going to some snobbish place.Other than that,I enjoy hanging out with him because we can talk like girls do.He's a little bit sissy but in a good way.I was wondering whether he liked guys when I barely knew him.On purpose,I accidently asked him about that and it turned out I was totally wrong.Frankly,I was a little disappointed when I knew he's straight.It's kinda mean but I really thought he could be my first gay friend.>_<

Speaking of which,I'm cool with gay but not lesbian.I don't mean to be a heterosexist but since I'm a lady,it's just too hard for me to imagine falling in love with any other woman.If someone claims she's lesbian or bisexual,then I think she just wants to show off her sexuality.I suppose women are doomed to love guys but guys are allowed to love anything(in a sarcastic way).

Or maybe it's just another sign of me being Chinese.But it seems like not only me but also some foreigner could be a little like Chinese after staying here for a while(and eating a dog would make this process faster).