Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally winter's here.xoxo

Winter's here.But the moment I really felt it is when I comb my hair and saw the static phenomena.For me,winter is always romantic.The views,the people in thick clothing,the wind are so lovely.I'd like to do knitting for someone but never got the chance.And it might be a good thing to spare me from that because even I don't feel like wearing the scarf knitted by me,how could anybody else do?^^

Like I said before,there's no spring or autumn here in Shenzhen.We've only got summer and winter.The funny thing is,northlander in China hardly bear winter in Shenzhen even the temperature is much higher.Other than the central heating,it's about the humidity-it's dry and cold in the north while it's clammy here.

My mom and I have been planning to spend our winter holidaythis year in hometown where we haven't gone back for 9 years.Speaking of my hometown,I always think about something about the local accent.Since I was a little girl,my mon has talked to me in dialect.I perfectly understand it but can't speak even a little.Maybe I'm not talented in language thing.But I really like the feeling that you talk with your friends,your folks or whatever using your own language which people around you cannot understand.Accents remind you of where you are from and give you
the sense of belonging.So it's kinda sad that I have no particular accent.

I did some shopping last week.Technically,it was window--shopping.I meant to purchase a down jacket but I laughed out loud after trying on one.I looked like an astronaut whom was blown up.I kinda gave up the idea of wearing down jacket to Beijing and my hometown-why confront something when can avoid it?^^


Glennis said...

Its nice to go back to your hometown, where you know everyone.
So nice to see that you write in English - and so well, it is beautiful English. Maybe you have an English parent?
Greetings from New Zealand.

SHUO said...

Hello Glennis,thanks for stopping by.My parents are both Chinese.^^