Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All about yesterday.

I got a bonus ticket for the ALPS Ice and Snow World.I didn't ski but skated.Technically,I just tried to skate.I had never done this before and frankly I almost chickened out at the beginning.

Everybody there was so cool that they did any pose on the ice as they wanted. I was wondering,since when did so many people do well in it. Then I realised that everyone elso does skating secretly,without even giving me a hint.

D'oh!As you can see ME in the picture was being so clumsy and out of control.I could hardly get away from the railing.Good thing that I didn't fall over myself at all~But I was curious about what happens if I slip down to the ice.Would the icy ground crack?LOL

We were asked to hold on a moment outside of the skating rink,because the staff were supposed to re-ice the ground.See that Xmas tree there?It seems that the preparation for the coming big day is underway.

Later after the workout,I visited a place where I hadn't been for years--toyshop.In the first place,I was planning to fulfill my childhood desire for dolls. But later I changed my mind because I got the feeling that I'm not interested in those toys any more.They're cute but they're just not attractive enough for me to take them home.

I didn't feel like leaving the toyshop without doing something after my fancy,so I picked up and took a photo with two cute leopard dolls which are my cup of tea now.