Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday now.^^

I came home Saturday afternoon after a whole morning about English grammar phrase structure----I helped a little boy of Luohan's mother's friend's(whew~) with his English.He was so bored that he couldn't help yawning.I knew exaclt how he felt so put aside the proper business,trying to had a free talk with him.

I hadn't talked to any kids for a long time and I got the feeling that I'm OLD.It surprised me that,I unfeignedly told some cliche stuff (which my mom had also told me before) to him.But he was smart and docile and I felt that I had nothing but experience compared to him.^^

WoW,I finally got to enjoy it-High School Musical 3: Senior Year cast.'Wildcat all the best' ---I'll tell you all more after I watch the tvmovie,no pushing.^^

01. Now Or Never
02. Right Here, Right Now
03. I Want It All
04. Can I Have This Dance
05. A Night To Remember
06. Just Wanna Be With
07. The Boys Are Back
08. Walk Away
09. Scream
10. Senior Year Spring Musical
11. We're All In This Together(Graduation Mix)
12. High School Musical

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