Saturday, November 8, 2008

lol----a hearty laugh

Mr.LeMay told us he voted for Obama with absentee ballot(Frankly,I didn't understand what it was).When we told Mr.LeMay that Obama's brother is in Shenzhen,he seemed very surprised.So we figured that he didn't come here for any politics stuff or for being a spy.LOL.

Actually,that man is Obama's half brother and,as much as I know,it makes them less brotherly. But people in Shenzhen seemed kinda like being flattered while Shenzhen is still unknown to the whole world though it's in sight of Hong Kong.
  • He lives in Nanshan, where most expats live – and where I’ve recently
  • He has a younger Chinese girlfriend. No surprise there.
    girlfriend is from Henan – everyone it seems is from Henan.
  • He speaks Chinese and is really easy going.
  • He has his own company that does some
    international import/export – all westerners work in import/export and/or
    teaching English. EVERYONE!
  • The company isn’t officially registered in
    Shenzhen – yea, not many foreign businesses are registered in Shenzhen. Most are
    registered in Hong Kong.

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Obama is totally a worldwide superstar now,but I suppose The honeymoon between the president-elect and the press will be soon over.Since Bush left an awful mess behind,the US has many issues remaining to be fixed up----so does PRC.^^