Saturday, November 15, 2008

English names

The other day.I read a report that says the name Susan is the most popular female name while the name David is the most popular male name.It reminds me of a thing.Several years ago,my English name was Sophie.But later,when a brand of sanitary towel came out with the same name as mine,I changed it to Susan without hesitation.( -_-' )However,I changed my english name later,again.English name never means a lot to me so I'd rather stick with my Chinese name if possible.

I'm very impressed with following English names,Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken--which existed in our English textbooks back in primary school.At that time,classmates fancied English names with reiterative locution,like Lily,Vivi,Cici,Nana,Jojo,Coco and the like.Later,we found one of them both funny and annoying--Toto which is a brand related to toilet.^^

It definitely surprised me when I saw a girl named London,but later I found that there's someone whose real name is America.What's more,I heard some girls are called Charlie or called Robin which are obviously guy's names.So what's that supposed to mean?If they're really so open-minded about names,then why Chandler in FRIENDS was always embarrassed by his family name Bing and why it's funny to call an average girl Madonna?I don't think I totally get the way western people picking their names.