Friday, November 28, 2008


Having been following the blog named Shenzhen Undercover and I think it's quite worth reading.I feel lucky to get the chance reading about our modern National's incorrigibility in English version.By Shenzhen,I suppose he means the People's Republic of China(中华人民共和国).The reason why I have to put it in full is that I know China and PRC are defined differently outside my world.The blogger Mike,as he tells it himself,is "a Chinese-American".Though just semi-Chinese,he's got to be a Chinese-related so as to get that sort of mixed feelings and point out things straight from the shoulder.On the other hand,he cannot be so judgematic if he was not raised up occidentally.However,unlike other foreigners,Mike is not judgemental but is more sort of plainspoken.He's not like standing high above the masses but standing closed to we ordinary people.I'm so envious of him being so insightful and having experienced so many bittersweet things.

For Christian,there is Xmas in winter.For Chinese people like me,there's Spring Festival in winter.These two big days are really something.You may get bonus and holidays during this period but it seems that they cannot change the fact that winter is quite a depressing season.You would probably deny it but,believe it or not,you put on more pressure now. (I've got to admit that it is a terrible leading paragragh but I just wanted to make it easy to lead to what I'm going to write later.) Since the other day I talked to tigerling,the word depressed has been hovering in my mind.I don't mean to be a mind-reader but I could tell he is somewhat depressed before he told me about it.

He is easy-going and unpretending but as knowing him better you would get the feeling that he's distrustful or a little bit cynical.I mean he's being so judgematic that there's barely anything could actually cheer him up.He doesn't dare to open his mind to any possibilities.He's very afraid of being hurt.And he doesn't want people to know about it,so he just pretends to act like that so that everybody,even himself,would think he's fine.I do not know what has him gone through before but I think it's understandable because,as the eldest child,without too much attention,he has to be sensible so that he's competent to protect at least himself.He also mentioned privacy--I guess it does not mean private but just cautious.I mean,deep down he's looking forward that there are people being there for him.Well,who doesn't?

I could be totally wrong because there's a chance that he only acts like that in a location that he isn't that into.Anyway,I really appreciate that he throws himself into what he loves and seems to have done a good job.