Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hello pizza.

Just had my first pizza with David in Papa Jones.He was surprised two times today.One is I haven't had pizza before,the other one is something I don't talk about any more.Anyway,thank him for the big meal and I have next restaurant for us in mind.What's more important,the diet starts tomorrow and I mean it!Since the National Day,October 1st,I have been had a lot big meals outside.And all I know is that they made me not only flattered but also fatter.

The Coastal City seemed very busy this evening.On my way back,I felt that I was the only one who was not busy.I'm the sort of person who is always sticking to the status quo.I mean everybody has a plan,at least,dare to plan.For me,I don't feel like planning anything far away.IOr I shoulds say,when things go well,I begin to worry-it can't be right.Instead of "not ambitious","always chicken out" suits me better.

I don't know whether David minds it or not-he mentioned learning Chinese and language partner before but I didn't say I would like to be the volunteer.The reason for that is,I suppose learning or teaching language from friends.So don't mad at me,friend David.I've gotto tell him something:it's much harder for you to learn Chinese if you don't pick up any Chinese characters,I know you don't plan to learn the characters though.

My German friend Sarina and her Chinese husband left for America last week.They're gonna stay there for a month.Her husband is the most thoughtful man I've ever known.She hasn't worked for two years in China but her husband doesn't have an issue with that.Why do those good Chinese guys always get married to foreign women.It's so unfair,isn't it?^^