Thursday, November 6, 2008

goofing off.

It seems that everything in life is never gonna change,even the weather.I just ask for one thing,but why the winter still hesitates to come?Okay,that gives me another reason to be out of Shenzhen.But I can imagine that later I'll be overwhelmed and eagerly wanna come back.Poor sneaking little me.

This week,I'm not in mood of doing anything make sense,just goofing off.I've gotta spoil myself from time to time.I relaxed my pace of everthing,or,in other words,it is a lazy week so far.

LUI's narcissistic wallpaper,but it's very impressive.

Inspired by LUI,I did some photoshop stuff.

Me and Banana Queen mom(banana's her favourite)

It's so-called little shuo.