Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama won-not exactly news to me.

It's so easy for me to get used to the fact that Obama is the president-elect of America.I suppose we don't have to wait for 4 years to find out whether American people made a smart choice.The "ugly old man" McCain definitly felt sad at that moment but he should cheer up for his country making another history which China could never do the same.

Thanks to the election,I I learned some new English words which were not familiar to me before. don't have much idea about the their policys but as far as I'm concerned,one of McCain's blind sides is his voice and tone sound very much like George.W.Bush.When I first heard his voice on the radio,I was misled.

LUI says he hates me because I get a free trip to Japan.He wants to go with me but the expense is really a problem.But I've gotto to tell him that it's not really "free".Since I barely left Shenzhen in winter,I don't have any wadded jackets or something like that so I'm going to spend about 500 hundred yuan purchasing some.What's more,the visa should charge me at least 200 hundred yuan.The bottom line is,there's no free lunch in the world.

I'm not sure whether I can make it because,even though I'll go with some tourist group,I have to find someone to keep me company or I'm not allowed to go on my own.Well,maybe it's easier said than done,but I'm kinda looking forward to go someplace new on my own as long as people speak English there.