Monday, November 17, 2008


Students in my department got another chance to audit some extra-mural courses for internaional students.My class was divided into several groups and I was "gloriously" appointed as group-leader.Our department head told us to "seize the opportunity to make some foreign friends but remember to be cautious because some of them may be weirdoes".Secretly,I laughed at her remark but I didn't know why.

I don't mean to be judgemental but the teacher was not qualified because of her heavy accent which sounded just like Hongkongnese.In the class that we audited,students are either occidental or African,and therefore we didn' receive any sort of cold shoulder or glad hand.A lady with long eyelashes from Russia was incredibly stunning.She was smiling when I introduced us and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.It reminds me of my Russian friend Murad.His wife is also attractive.Good for all the Russian guys.^^

Later,I randomly took a seat and I ended up the deskmate of a black guy.He seemed a little nervous to have Chinese class with native Chinese beside because he kept murmuring "f**k","hell" and all that----Be polite and be patient,dude.There's still a long way to go.>_<

The other day,I happened to watch the following video again,still funny LOL.Blare is still so handsome and I remember that the guy who starred as Blare "in Queen" looks really like him in person.^^