Wednesday, November 12, 2008

easy come,easy go.

Since I sprinkled some water into the keyboard of my laptop,it hasn't been able to work well for a while.It's a poor timing for me to ask for a new one because the expense for my planned trip is quite a few.

So I had to purchase a new keyboard which is connected externally to my laptop.Sadly,it doesn't work well.I am single but why misfortunes never come singly.I hate to admit but I'm really in bad mood.But I've got to push down my feelings instead of taking them and shoving them to somebody else's face.

I have kept myself getting up at 7:00 am for several months which is 30 minutes earlier than my roomates or even classmates.But lately,as it's getting cold,I find that it's not easy to do this any more.

However,I'm not gonna quit because 30 more minutes for sleep don't make much sense.In addition,when I kept early hours,it felt like having more balance.As the saying goes,the early bird catches the worm.