Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"two women and a half"

I barely used QQ which is popular in China but yesterday evening I signed in it,planning to see what happen in the world of QQ.I felt kinda flattered firstly because I received many greetings from my former classmates.But later,I got kinda down because after the hello all of them asked me the same thing"have you got a boyfriend now".And I was almost rendered speechless when they asked me why not--what kind of question is that!>_<

It seems that when you meet acquaintance,you always have to face this sort of question.Now I understand why mom hesitated when I comfirmed with her about going back to our homwtown.She's got too much to face,to explain,to bear,to keep to herself.So instead of getting a boyfriend for me,I'd rather mom can find someone special for her.But I know it's not easy for her,she's so traditional,so virtuous and so down to earth.Anyways,she's set a good example of being a decent woman,althought we would seem kinda unromantic.But life is not always romantic.Life is simple,but people just insist on making it complicated.

I wish mom could find someone trustworthy and optimistic because only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.But for me,I know someone in the world is waiting for me,although I've no idea of where he is or when I'm gonna meet him.But I feel happy every day for this.^^