Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Since she was said to get married to Jay-Z,I had been wondering whether she would release any new album.But as you see,Beyoncé is back and shining as a real super star.

This is the cover art for I Am... Sasha Fierce which is her latest album. The first single song is "If I were a boy" and I was so touched by it.I think Beyoncé is famous for her relationship oriented and slutty songs but I have to admit that she's really a good singer.And if you watch "Dream Girls",you would be impressed by her acting.

I don't why but most singers that I appreciate are black people.Although the lyrics are flirting and sex oriented but they are talented and their special accent is kinda charming.I'm really looking forward to making black friends.I guess those black people who are in the movies or tvshows are not authentic.The American media is always so misleading.I know black people in Africa are different from those in America but I'm very interested in Africa too.But visiting Africa costs the same as visiting UK,so I'd better lie over both ideas now.